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Cultural Norms: A Fictional Essay

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“This time it’s real Mommy, Benson and I are not getting back together, it’s real this time, it’s so real,” I said as tears profusely gushed down my puffy face as I was barely able to breathe.
“Nkiru (Iriel’s Nigerian name), I told you, I told you Ben is not the man for you, Ben was just put here to help you, like he has done,” Mom said while staring into my bloodshot eyes as I continued to weep.
“Don’t say that. Ben and I were supposed to be married. After four years this is what I get”
As I got up to take that long dreaded walk to my room, it hit me like , that there will never be another Iriel and Ben, I’ll never feel him caressing my olive brown skin, the random kisses on my forehead, no more sporadic romantic dates, the companionship or the genuine advise.
That night as I slowly drifted off to sleep, the words of my mother kept replaying in my head,
“Ben is not the man for you…Ben is not the man for you…Ben is not the man for you….”

It all began seven years ago! Same faces, same people, same job duty, and the same routine. It seemed that everything was repitition for me at work; I’d come in five to ten minutes after my scheduled work time, clock in, scan billions of groceries for the next four and half hours then get a much deserved break from all of it. Included in my routine was going to Starbucks and bribing my way to a Venti Passion Tea with three extra shots of strawberry flavoring; provided that the same faces were working there, if not, they’d probably think I was setting them up for a five finger discount.
While making my way to Starbucks something was notably different, there were only guys working today (none of my girlfriends behind the counter), I thought to myself “Shit; now I have to “make new friends”!” After making my way to the pastry filled counter-top, I locked eyes with the most gorgeous guy: jet black silky hair, skin that looked like vanilla milkshake with two shots of milk-chocolate coloring, a toned and defined physic; just what I love to see on a man! It’s too bad that I’d chose to take my mind and focus completely off of guys so I could take care of myself first and work on my insecurities. I quickly focused my eyes back on the prize, my Venti Passion Tea.
“Hello, are you new”? I asked
“Yeah, I was just hired by Ms. Z two days ago“, he said looking at the cash register as if I were about to make a purchase.
“Oh ok, seems as though people are getting hired and fired around here lately; not saying that you’re going to get fired, just stating the obvious”, I said awkwardly laughing.
“Did you need something,” Benson asked curiously
“Umm, nope; I just wanted to see who the “new” guys were,” I said lying through my teeth.
“By the way…”
“Yeah,” he said quickly turning back around to face me.
“I never did get your name…”
“Oh…yeah! It’s Ben, Benson.”
I wondered why I got that feeling after looking at that new Barista, well whatever it was I needed to get over it because work is work!
After returning back from my...

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