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Cultural Policy: American And Chinese Culture

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The Concept of Culture has come to the forefront of social sciences and social policy to address issues of human diversity in psychological processes and performance. Cultures have different moral norms of conduct and that there is no objective right or wrong, no objective good or evil. It holds for all cultures regardless of what its members perceive. Each culture in the world has a solid boundary between itself and other cultures, a boundary which can be linguistic, geographical or religious. Each culture has great internal consistency. People within the culture behave more or less the same. Each culture has a stable set of customs, which has remained unchanged over time. Social scientists continue to debate models of cultural-universal and community specific research and application within and across nations. But the international scholarly community is finding new ways to understand the role of culture in human development without overemphasizing or ignoring either psychological (micro) or structural (macro) processes. Psychologists are coming to understand culture as developing system of individuals, relationships, material and social contexts, and institutions. The major differences between Chinese and American culture is to be searched along with finding an answer of how people, in Chinese and American culture are treated differently. Also assess whether Commercialization has widened the gap between the Chinese and American culture or not. American people have a very rich culture with music and encouragement towards having families and raising children their own way. And many of them live on reservations. However, economically Chinese people have been unable to move ahead at a fast pace. The developing theme of self-determination must be understood in its variety: self-help, community economic development, morale building through culturally sensitive programming, tribal consultation. These themes and others were developed for their usefulness in reducing Chinese hostility and apathy toward social programs, which they believed to be designed for termination. Social science had shown that underdeveloped peoples could be encouraged to cooperate with outside forces if they could be given an opportunity to form and implement policy. And, indeed, given this opportunity, programs, whether they were agricultural, industrial development, health or educationally related, could flourish. (Conrad, 1990) American religions conceive of the universe and all its parts as consciously created by the deity, according to a coherent plan. Thus we have an instinctive picture of the universe as a blank slate until someone writes on it. The alternative view is that absolute chaos is the natural state, and existence represents a partial suppression of this chaos. Put simply, anything can happen unless it is prohibited by a natural law. In Chinese religion people also believe that this world is created by a single god, but they worship many things like water,...

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