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Cultural Responsiveness Essay

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“An examination of many classrooms in North America, today, reveals that instruction is often focused on covering lots of content specific in national, state, or provincial standards or contained in bulging textbooks (McTighe, 2010). Teachers are pressured to cover content to meet testing requirements. Therefore, they implement futile practices. Those practices provide limited learning experiences. “Instruction on testing on tested material on tested content simply mimics the format of the test. Ironically, such test prep methods are not likely to yield long term achievement gains” (McTighe, 2010). Those practices are not beneficial for any students. Hence, the importance of following ...view middle of the document...

For example, I encourage my students to write a paragraph that summarizes what they have learned during mathematics. I realize the significant role that language plays in student achievement and learning. As teacher, we ought to be responsive. Dr. Garcia encourages us to be responsive by adjusting instruction to incorporate activities that require participation from students. Always taking into account their cultural biases (Laureate, 20114) “Language in order to be enriched needs to be used. It does not soak in without using it. You have to have the kids talk. They are not going to get the richness elsewhere” (Laureate, 2014).
I am convinced that all of my students can learn. It is up to me as a teacher to create and implement the strategies that will help them succeed. I can enhance learning experiences in my classroom by considering the CREDE Standards. One standard that I struggle with is connecting school with student lives. Dr. Tharp explained that when students connect learning to something they know, we can hook them to make the process understandable (Laureate, 2014). I recognize that making connections will also make learning enjoyable. I can make better use of this standard during the data analysis unit lessons. For example, I can use students’ interest to create surveys that can connect to their more personal topic. They can conduct these surveys at home or with their friends and use their data to create graphs. In addition, we can discuss graphs that illustrate data from their countries. This activity will definitively capture students’ attention and draw them into the lesson. Likewise, these activates also show respect for student. I am bringing something that is important to them into our learning. They can relate to the topic and become engage. According to Dr. Garcia, many students disengage from school because they do not feel respected. They think that schools were not made for them (Laureate, 2014). ...

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