Cultural Struggles In Shooting Kabul Essay

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In N. H. Senzai’s novel Shooting Kabul, a person’s character is shaped by the way they embrace or struggle against their cultural roots. Nation, culture, and society can add an incredible impact on someone’s live. In this novel, Fadi suffers through his sisters sudden absents, bulling, and the struggle of fitting in with society. He comes across many complex obstacles, but in the end overcomes them all.
In the summer of 2001, Fadi and his family make a dangerous decision to illegally leave their home country Afghanistan and move to the United States. Sadly, Fadi’s little sister Miriam gets separated from her family. Fadi struggles to deal with the guilt of losing his sister once his family settled in San Francisco. Fadi believed that he will ever see his sister again. He longs for the courage to tell his family the truth that it is his fault Miriam is gone because he let go of her hand that night. In the novel, Fadi states “Everyone thinks it’s their fault she’s gone. But it’s my fault, not anyone else’s. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve to belong to this family. I’m the one who’s torn it apart” (Senzai 72). Fadi feels like he has failed and torn his family apart. Losing his sister is a big obstacle for Fadi; he goes through a lot of stress and depression and is constantly blaming himself. But Fadi doesn't give up and finds a way to overcome his struggle. He enters a competition and the grand prize is a trip to India. Fadi sees this as a chance to return to Afghanistan and find his sister. He struggled through his sisters absents but is given another chance to fix his faults.
Fadi not only has to struggle with losing his sister, but also have to struggle through the constant taunting and teasing from the two school bullies Felix and Ike. The bulling gets so extreme that Fadi gets jumped after school and breaks his possessions. In chapter fourteen it reads “We don’t want you camel jockeys around here” (145). Felix is basically trying to tell Fadi that he is not wanted in their country because of the event that occurred on September 11th, 2001. At school he is being teased, people saying “Look! It's Osama" (144) whenever they see him. Fadi feels like an outcast at school....

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