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Cultural Studies Db2 Individual Assignment

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Cultural Studies DB2 Individual ProjectAbstractIn the twelfth century, the most used languages among the educated and used in books was Latin or French. These languages were used mostly by the educated or the rich who could read and write the language. Moving into the fourteenth century, vernacular language was starting to be used in literary works by the French and had been spread throughout Europe. "This allowed many literary works to be translated so that others could read and write them" (Brooks, 2003). There were many factors that played into why vernacular language was spread some say that it was the desire to spread Christianity, the women's desire to take part in cultural debates and technological advances. There are also many cultural differences that add to this major shift to vernacular languages from the much more proper Latin. Depending on where a person was from, their economic status may have prevented them from learning Latin. "This shift to vernacular language had indeed made it easier for those to express themselves to any audience" (Saunders, 2004).Origins of vernacular languageThe origin of vernacular language is that it mostly derived from Latin and was the most spoken and written language fall of the Roman Empire in 1200 A.D. It was most used by the upper class and members of the church. Latin also changed over time depending on who was speaking or writing it (Sayre). Vernacular languages are the languages that are native to a country. Some of these may be French or Spanish. The definition of vernacular is "of the people" (Tillotson, 2005). Another example of a country using vernacular would be England. England was divided into English, which the lower class spoke. Vernacular language was often subject to standardization. This happened in many countries which had one language that was not spoken by all the people that live there. The majority of these are Welsh, Gaelic or Cornish in the United Kingdom which were eventually taken over by the English, Catalan, or Basque in Spain (where they spoke Spanish) The standardization in the countries is not the result of superiority of one language but is the result of comprehensibility (Reershemius,2009).The spread of vernacular languageVernacular language was possibly spread because many people did not speak Latin. This included even the most important men. Vernacular language made it easier to convert people to Christianity, this way people that were not versed in Latin could understand the religious services. This is why the decision was made to use Vernacular over Latin. Technological advances which helped to spread vernacular language had led to more people to learn reading and writing. Additionally, advances in technology and the import of papermaking techniques were important to the rise of vernacular language (Slavitt,1999). Gutenberg's invention of movable letters and a printing process that allowed for mass production was important for the spread of vernacular language. The...

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