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Cultural Trends Essay

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Cultural/ Societal/Demographic
The need for portable water purification systems across America is rapidly growing. Individuals all over the world invest in portable water filters for various reasons. Outdoor enthusiasts, survivalist, and individuals living in third world countries; consider it an emerging necessity.
Lifestyle Trends
Outdoor Enthusiast:
Hunting, fishing, camping, and backpacking are just some of the activities that an outdoor enthusiast revels. There is no particular profile when describing a typical outdoor enthusiast except, that they consider the outdoors their second home. “They are all genders, ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and income levels”. ...view middle of the document...

While outdoors, it is very important for the enthusiast to stay hydrated; thus it is important for them to own a portable water filter as a way to remove sediment and bacteria from outdoor water sources.
The Survivalist is another group of individuals that highly value the benefits that portable water filters offer. A survivalist is “someone strongly determined to survive”. ( They are constantly prepping for uncanny events that they suspect may occur. All survivalist share a deep desire to live, therefore overcoming obstacles to survive is taken to an extreme. According to Dr. Stirling Silverman, the author of a survivalist blog, states that disaster can be divided into two broad categories. First, are disasters resulting from human activity and second are natural disasters. Terrorism, war, water pollution, and an economic collapse are just a few tragedies resulting from human disaster. Hurricanes, earthquakes, epidemics, and droughts are just some examples of natural disasters. ( Survivalists also spend their time studying and becoming knowledgeable on different types of scenarios. Preparing survival kits is a top priority among these individuals. “Generally, knowing how to make a survival kit is good to study up on prior to any disasters, because they have been proven to save lives when needed”. (
Because survival is essential to these individuals they prepare bug out bags. These bug out bags contain: flashlights, emergency food, sleeping bag, canteens, knife, water, etc. Water is a very important essential to have in the survival kits. Including a portable water filter in their kit gives the survivalist access to larger quantities as well as significantly reducing the weight of their kit. Bottled water has a shelf life, is extremely heavy to carry, and is more difficult to store surplus. Methods of water storage such as water bottles are also not guaranteed to last. The portable water filters provide both large quantities and a reliable source of clean drinking water.
Third World Countries:
Individuals who live in third world countries are not as fortunate as the outdoor enthusiast and the survivalist in the United States. Their struggle for survival is highest among all other groups. These individuals live in poverty and depend on economic advancement from more developed countries. They lack of shelter, education, water, experience food shortages, and suffer from infectious diseases such as malaria.
Outdoor Enthusiast
Participation in outdoor recreation varies between age, gender race, marital status, and it is also highly dependent on an individual’s income.
The outdoor enthusiast is found within a variation of age groups as well as both male and female gender. Young boys between the ages of 13 until 17 are highly active in outdoor activities, making a rise in 2012 from previous years. Key findings for young girls participating...

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