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Cultural Understanding: For A Better Tomorrow

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Cultural Understanding: For a Better Tomorrow
Communication is the basic of human relation. What one learns during youth will influence them for the years to come. What a better way to make a difference then to help shape young mind. Teaching them to communicate with individuals from different background is a grand move toward expending one’s perspective. Language is a great way to learn more about other culture, and the world around us. After all, children need to be nourished in order to bring a better and more understanding world. The JET programme is in itself a means to bring this forth. How can one contribute to the Jet idea?

First, as a language instructor, one needs to understand the clientele. Everyone has different abilities when it comes to learning a new language. The key is to evaluate where they are, and bring forth the necessary tools for them to let their potential shine. One’s potential can only be brought out by an enjoyable learning experience, in order for them to want to learn more. Like any language, the hardest thing is to memorize all the words. Hence, integrating the vocabulary into interactive lesson is the best way to memorize it all. In this situation, one will remember a specific event where the word was used, and therefore make a quicker connection to what he or she is trying to articulate. There is always the subject of grammar. Learning it is never the high point in a lesson, but once it is understood it can be integrated into practical activities. This approach makes the learning experience interesting while giving them the basic tools in order for their English skills to be brought out.

Second, having an anthropological background and a proficiency in Japanese, will contribute greatly to cultural exchange. As an anthropologist the capacity to adapt to a diversity of situations and to socio-cultural context is a giving. An anthropologist will be able to understand human culture by grasping the social situation and the point of view of the people. Anthropology is all about the relation between...

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