Cultural Diversity Essay

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Cultural Diversity

Children should be exposed to all segments of society. Youngsters learning with children of different races, nationalities, and religions tend to be more tolerant and accepting of individual differences. They learn customs, beliefs and rituals of classmates that maybe quite different from what they have been taught. Youngsters learning in an environment of diversity are well prepared to deal more effectively in society after they complete their education. A mutual respect and understanding of other cultures removes barriers and stereotypes. Individual differences need to be threatening. In fact, knowledge of other cultures helps a person realize and appreciate the similarities more than the differences. It is most important that the teacher is trained to teach about and respect individual differences. A diverse group of youngsters can add a great deal to the classroom environment. Interaction between children, handled effectively, can promote a climate of curiosity, mutual respect and acceptance. Nina Rees addressed the topic of teaching styles at both public and private school systems. She suggested students achieve greater results in an environment in which competition and different religious and cultural backgrounds exist. (Rees 93). Although students may have a different religion, culture, race and socio-economic level, they all deserve an equally outstanding education. There is a national attempt to give parents the option of a public or a private education for their youngsters. "There is also such a thing as a Voucher System. In "PUBLIC SCHOOLS, PRIVATE SCHOOLS, SPECIAL NEEDS, AND VOUCHER SYSTEMS- A GENERAL REVIEW OF BASIC PRINCIPLES," the author writes, "the idea of the voucher system is that parents would be given a voucher representing the normal per pupil expense for a public school student, and parents could then choose the school to which to deliver their child and their voucher. Parents could choose a private school or public one; and in either case the voucher money would go to the school. The voucher system blurs the distinction between public and private schools. The downside is that the voucher system might produce a lowering of the standards of the public school system and money would be drained as well. It also might produce a racial or ethnic balkanization of society."( html). A voucher system would be a mute point if the public and private sectors were comparable.

Equality for all socio-economic classes

An educational system should allow every student to reach his or her potential. The concept of equality is clearly stated in the Encyclopedia Britannica, "The constitution guarantees...freedom of opinion, expression, press, publication, assembly and association... any political party based on race, religion, region, or language is forbidden."(Encyclopedia Britannica). It would appear that an educational system that ignores this...

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