Culturally Diverse Population Essay

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Culturally Diverse Population
The Impact of History and Counseling Theories
The ever-changing demographics of the United States have made multicultural counseling a challenge. Educating counselors to understand the significant of diverse cultures will provide an insight of the diverse society and its continual growth. History changes every second just as theories are forever developing the impact of each collectively play a role with the teachings of a diverse world in a counseling setting. No two individuals come from an exact experience. Individuals may have the same culture, but each person is different with a different set of standards pertaining to his or her ethnic upbringing. However, justifying treating everyone the same will forever be a challenge. Becoming a scholar-counselor involves understanding the difference and respecting one’s diversity. Persistent education pertaining to diversity is inevitable because of the diverse world.
History and Theories Benefits and Oppressed Cultural Groups
Who can justify a true date regarding when racism began. Individuals are inclined to believe at one time or another that he or she is superior to others. This does not make one racist but helps others to be the best that he or she can be no matter the ethnicity of a person. Several organizations are striving toward “increasing the multicultural competence of their members” (Hays, 2008, p. 4). Developing the framework for counselors allows counselors to achieve self-awareness pertaining to multicultural individuals and allows interpersonal work regarding the clients the counselor counsels. These developments are a benefit when counseling multicultural and diverse groups. Play therapy involves children to understand ethnic minority cultures (Hays, 2008).
Visualization of an oppressed situation for multicultural groups occurs when an individual “belongs to a minority group in one cultural domain and a dominant group in another” (Hays, 2008, p. 6). Counselors will have specializations with the knowing that not every aspect of multicultural diversity is understood. Individuals may change from one culture to another or may become gay after once straight, have a sexual change, change in religion preferences, or go from a wealth individual to losing everything.
Experience with Different Cultural Groups
Raised in different family environments, I have seen how different cultures treat other because they are unfamiliar with those individuals’ cultures, which frightens some people. I have been the only White child in a classroom and made to sit on the floor because there were not enough chairs. I have had a roommate who is a practicing Mormon, whereas I am a spiritual believer. I once had a brother-in-law, married to a woman, and they had six children. One day he announced he was gay. Our family watched him pass away from AIDS two years later. My best friend is from Mexico where English is her second language. I consider myself a...

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