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Culture And Customs Of Equatorial Guinea

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Equatorial Guinea is a country with a fascinating culture and customs. Equatorial Guinea is a country that is not so well known. Its traditions and celebrations are unique in other Spanish speaking countries because it is so far away.

Equatorial Guinea is a country located in the western coast of Africa. The region is also known as Rio Muni. Equatorial Guinea borders a lot of countries which includes Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, and Cabinda. Equatorial Guinea is a country with interesting history. Equatoguineans are the people of Fang and Bubi that migrated there long time ago. Then the Portuguese came to Equatorial Guinea. The Spanish also came later so the country was first named Spanish Guinea. Then the people gain their independence and change the country’s name to Equatorial Guinea.

Equatoguineans have a lot of jobs to choose from. For a living, some people plant coffee, yams, rice, tapioca, and bananas, which are sold everyday. Before the independence, Equatorial Guinea main source of income was cacao production. But after the Spanish left, the main source of income fell. Equatorial Guinea's only exports are petroleum, timber, and cocoa. Its main imports are petroleum and manufactured goods. The primary trading partners are the United States, Spain, France and many other countries.
The people of Equatorial Guinea likes to do a lot of things. They like to have festivals or celebrations on the holiday. They eat a lot of food on the holidays. They wear beautiful and unique clothes just for the special holidays. During the celebrations and festivals, they love to dance and play music. The celebrations and festivals also includes competition against each other to see who can win the prize.

Equatoguineans has a lot of festivals including the Hip Hop Festivals, which happens every years and it lasts for 10 days. The event is often held at the Institute of Cultural Expression. People from all over Africa and the Hip Hop world come to attend it. Each year the festival exhibits the best French and Spanish groups. These artists are from both Europe and Africa. In addition to live performances, there are number of workshops for budding artists. Another festival is the Yam...

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