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Culture And Environment In The Fiji Islands

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The Fiji Islands, officially the Republic of Fiji Islands, is an independent island nation in the southern Pacific Ocean, located approximately 1,900 miles northeast of Sydney, Australia, and approximately 3,100 miles southwest of Honolulu, Hawaii at 16-20˚ S latitude and 178˚E - 178˚W longitude. Fiji is often referred to as the hub of the Pacific. This hospitable land contains more than 300 islands, lagoons, lush forests, and beautiful mountains.Fiji has a very complex geological history. Based on a submerged platform of ancient formation, the Fiji Islands are largely the product of volcanic action, sedimentary ...view middle of the document...

Rivers on the mountainous islands cut into the rugged terrain and form deltas with rich alluvial soils. The largest river is the Rewa, located on Viti Levu, is navigable for more than 100 miles. Other major rivers on Viti Levu are the Sigatoka, Nadi, and Ba. The southeast or windward sides of the islands are covered in dense forests. The smaller islands are largely encompassed in two recognized groups, the Yasawa Group and the Lau Group. The wet eastern sides of the islands support tropical rain forests while the drier western portions support a higher proportion of grass and savanna lands.Fiji has a tropical climate with moderate humidity and regular South East trade winds between November and April. During this time period the average temperature is 86˚ F and is the wetter of the two time periods. During the period of May through October there is a mild dry season, with an average temperature of 73˚ F. The east gets an average rainfall of 120 inches per year and the west gets an average rainfall of 70 inches per year, rhus making for a sharp contrast in both climatic conditions and agriculture between east and west.The biomes in Fiji are Tropical and SubTropical Moist Broadleaf Forests. The different types of vegetation found in these biomes are lowland rain forests, cloud forests, broadleaved dry forests, mangrove forests, coastal forests, upland rain forests, mixed dry forests, freshwater wetland vegetation, shrubs, and talasiqa vegetation.

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