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Peter Marin’s article “Toward something American: The Immigrant Soul” explains the subtle but noticeable difference between American life and American culture. American culture is defined as primarily western, but is influenced by Native American, African, Asian, Polynesian and Latin American cultures. (Wiki) Marvin explains that American culture is not much more than a mixture of past cultures. American life is slightly different. Marvin writes American although influenced by past cultures struggles to find home. Marvin states “home” is for us, as it is for all immigrants, sometimes to be regained, created, discovered, or mourned”. There are qualities and aspects that make up culture ...view middle of the document...

(livescience) American culture opposed to American life in Marin’s view doesn’t exist. The reason may be in fact that American culture is and has been derived from other cultures. People of America have come from a Western civilization and must live an American life. So instead of America having its own distinct culture, Marin believes that there is really no set American culture and that we all have difference beliefs and values that as a whole make up the American life. Marvin explains American life as a “melting pot” meaning that this country is constantly having impaired values and lives, whose destruction creates the energy of American life. (82) America would not be America without all the diversity of cultures.
In Peter Marin’s Toward Something American: The Immigrant Soul, he explains that there are certain qualities and aspects that ultimately make up culture which can be defined as American or Western derived way of culture. One example, Marin describes is a wedding in New England at which two gay women were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony. In another example he describes an Englishman who decided after fifteen years in America and marriage, three children and divorce to become a woman. These are the examples that Marin gives about American culture. The reason that these examples tend to be a way of American culture is that in their native country from which their ancestors immigrated from, these kinds of actions or beliefs are not the way that their country of origin has ever done things. We as Americans “ache for both freedom from the past and the safety of the past at the same time”. (83) Western culture is quite the opposite. American people all practice certain kinds of Western...

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