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Culture Competent In Nursing Care Essay

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Cultural competence is fundamentally linked with the principles of social justice and human rights because provide the nurses with the opportunity to develop cultural competence. However, using the principles of social justice and human rights to educate nurses allows them to learn how to negotiate cultural differences by removing their own cultural filters and seeing events through the eyes of those who are culturally different. It is believed that an embedded experience, in which as nurses engaged clinical experience in different local communities, would encourage them to adopt this Cultural Competency knowledge.
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Through social justice and provision of culturally competent care, inequalities in health outcomes may be reduced. Without a doubt cultural competence has been increasingly viewed as essential to nursing in regard to culturally competent nursing practice as being central to healthcare (American Academy of Nursing and the Transcultural Nursing Society, 2010).
The quality and safety education for nursing “QSEN” that will be discuss in this paper for understanding cultural competence in nursing practice, is patient-centered care. To evaluate the Patient-centered care the ideal is that patients know best how well their health caregivers are meeting their needs, and it is in the patient’s view of his or her healthcare delivery that correlates with outcome or satisfaction. This paper will be explaining more in deep the skill development in the culturally competent nursing practice.
The topic of this paper has been view as an expansion of patient-centered care. Cultural competence can be seen as a necessary set of skills for nurses to conquer in order to deliver effective patient-centered care. However, a troublesome question remains, “How does the nurse deliver effective patient-centered care when the patient’s health beliefs, practices, and values are in direct conflict with medical and nursing guidelines?” It is important to understand the need to prepare nurses with a set of culturally competent skills that will enhance the delivery of patient-centered care (Campinha-Bacote, 2005).
According to Campinha-Bacote (2005), there are four arguments for the need of cultural competence in healthcare provision: improving quality of services and outcomes, meeting legislative, regulatory, and accreditation mandates, gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace, and decreasing the likelihood of liability and malpractice claims. Campinha-Bacote claims that these arguments are not enough foundation for the requirement of this practice. Furthermore, nurses are in an ideal position to facilitate the interconnections between patient culture, language, and health literacy in order to improve health outcomes for culturally diverse patients. Also Singleton and Krause (2009) stated that nurses could also facilitate partnerships with colleagues in medicine, social work, and public health. All health-related disciplines are struggling to communicate health messages to client populations for whom language, culture, and literacy can be barriers. As a result, acting on behalf of...

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