"Culture Jamming To Be Or Not To Be" Based On A Review Of Kalle Lasn's Culture Jam By Odiley Festus 065335

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"Culture jamming to be or not to be"Based onA Review of Kalle Lasn's Culture JamByOdiley Festus 065335ForRTVF 51123rd NovemberThis paper is written as an attempt by myself to outline my understanding and views on the new ideology of 'Culture Jamming' with major reference to Kalle Lasn book.It is also important to highlight the importance of Debord's 'Society of the spectacle' as the blue print for the uprising of concept of culture jamming. Both books are quite very informative on the deceptive constructs of popular culture in the era we presently live in. I must also stress that both books are written with the western cultures in mind namely North America.However, the studies of cultural studies have been a conduit for these cultural patterns to be analyzed, discussed and problematize by many scholars and great minds. So this is just my personal contributions to the already famous debates of cultural jamming. The term cultural jamming is dissected from the term of culture.According to the glossary of Chris Barker's Cultural Studies: Theory and practice (2008) the concept of culture does not represent an entity in an independent object world… The concept of culture is thus political and contingent. Or simply it can be described as a way of life of a group of persons in any given place, country or society. Cultural studies aims at interpreting or understanding the cultural patterns embroiled in society.First of all we must have a common understanding the popular culture is deliberately constructed and commodified. In Guy Debord's book he rightly calls this the spectacle. By this I mean Globalization's long arms have penetrated much of the world's cultures with the intent of making the world one global village, the corporations have tactically used the mass media to create a false air of satisfactions and ideology, cleverly putting everyone behind the spectacle where we all mutter we have never had it so better. Apparently we have been brainwashed by the social institutions around us, and made to understand that these mass produced cultures are actually realities.While Debord's Spectacle aims at identifying the various spectacles contained in 221 subtexts in nine chapters, he virtually tries to give an insight how the spectacle operates in modernity.Nevertheless, I will begin by identifying the spectacle according to Guy Debord'sSociety of the Spectacle;"The spectacle, grasped in its totality, is both the result and the project of the existing mode of production. It is not a supplement to the real world, an additional decoration. It is the heart of unrealism of the real society….. as information or propaganda, as advertisement or direct entertainment consumption, the spectacle is the present model of social dominant life. It is the omnipresent affirmation of the choice already made in production and its corollary consumption. The spectacle's form and content are identically the total justification of the existing system's conditions...

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