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Culture, Media, And Sport Essay

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Within Sports Management the effect of Government policy will have an effect on the way in which their work is carried out. New Labour’s vision for sport is contained within a document called ‘A Sporting Future for All’ published in 2000. It is not a policy but more a statement of intent. In this essay we will look at its purpose and what proposals the government have in tackling sport in this country. Furthermore, we will look at its strengths and weaknesses and consider whether it fits with the government’s wider social policy.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) produced the strategy known as “A Sporting Future for All”. They were formerly called the Department of National Heritage before Labour came into power in 1997. They are responsible for the arts, the National Lottery, tourism, libraries, museums and galleries, broadcasting, film, the music industry, press freedom and regulation, licensing, gambling and the historic environment. Their stated aim is to improve the quality of life for all through cultural and sporting activities and to support the pursuit of excellence and to champion the tourism, creative and leisure industries. Their vision is to extend excellence and improve access. To achieve this, they have developed four strategic priorities: Children and Young People, Communities, the Economy and Delivery. In order to achieve this they will devise and implement government policy (DCMS 2004 ).

A policy is a plan of action for tackling political issues. Simeon (1976 ) describes public policy as “a consequence of the political environment, values and ideologies, distribution of power, institutional frameworks, and of decision-making processes.” These strategies will be constructed by political parties’ normally in government and will aim to tackle political issues in a manner that meets with their political ideology.
When New Labour came into power in 1997 their vision was “the equal worth of all, with no one cast aside; fairness and justice within strong communities.” (Labour Manifesto, 1997 ). The launch of ‘New Labour’ or ‘The Third Way’ as it is also known, attempted to persuade the electorate that they had moved away from its past and gave them an opportunity to develop a distinctive identity. Giddens (1998 ) describes the ‘third way’ as being a construct 'between' the two political ideologies - socialism and neo-liberalism . The ‘third way’ aims to combine social democracy with a dynamic economy, to stress equality of opportunity, not of outcome, and to concentrate on the creation of wealth, not its redistribution. It is a move away from the traditional welfare state and an acceptance that economic competitiveness is primary (Clarke et al., 2000: 13 & Dale R. 2000 ). We can also note here a shift to a more central political position, which from debate during the recent general election, has led to thoughts that their new ideology is little more than moderate conservatism, which in turn has...

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