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Culture Of Beauty Essay

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Advertisements have been controversial for decades. Company's have slogans and sayings that can be taken in many different ways and can be very hurtful to many people. A majority of advertisements are degrading to different kinds of people, especially women, without them evening knowing it. Women are shown how they should look and act to be considered attractive.
The first degrading ad I found is an ad from Reebok. It shows part of a man with workout clothes on, of course the Reebok logo, and his hand hanging down to the side of him. It reads, “Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout. Reebok the sport of fitness has arrived.” First of all, this is degrading men and women in two different ways. This advertisement is telling men that it is okay to cheat on their girlfriends. Women are not just objects of sexual desire. Women have feelings too, and no woman deserves to be cheated on. Reebok is giving men the wrong ideas on how to treat women. The advertisement also makes it seem like men HAVE to work out, which they don't. Yes, it is good to get exercise, but all men don't have to have a perfectly toned body to be considered attractive. The ad also makes it seem like working out is more important than treating a woman right. Reebok also makes it seem like you have to be heterosexual. It could have said partner instead of girlfriend. It leaves out homosexual people all together. That is absolutely ridiculous that Reebok would even put an advertisement out that is so controversial and just plain rude.
The second advertisement I found is an ad from Australia for a low carb diet bar. The advertisement shows a picture of a woman in a bikini along with a picture of the diet bar and reads, “Keep Australia beautiful. The body beautiful bar.” This ad suggests that every women in Australia should buy and eat these diet bars in order to keep themselves looking “beautiful.” The form of beautiful they are referring to in the advertisement is thin. Apparently to the corporation who makes these bars, if you aren't thin, then you aren't beautiful. That is utterly ridiculous. Everybody is beautiful in there own way. If someone is overweight and sees this ad they are going to feel awful about themselves. This advertisement should have never been aloud to be published.
The third advertisement I found was from Dove. It shows a picture of six different women with just their underwear and a bra on. The women range from African American to Caucasian, and everything in between. They all have different body sizes, hair styles, and one even has a tattoo. Dove is letting women know that it doesn't matter what size they are, what color their skin is, or really what they look like in general. Every woman in that picture is beautiful. You don't have to be super thin, white, tall, and have straight hair to be beautiful. You can be the exact opposite and still be just as beautiful if not even more.
I have been affected by advertisements like these for a long time. Since...

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