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Culture is a way of living; a total way of life held in common by a group of people, including speech, religion, behavior, technology, livelihood, government, and the local way of doing things. Cultural geographers observe material culture elements and the physical landscape to determine how humans have impacted the area, which is what we were assigned to do for our project. We were asked to focus on a specific suburb and observe the ethnic culture there by housing types, shops, organizations, etc. The suburb I chose was Lincoln, RI. I travelled there to take photographs of the area to help me understand its culture. I used all of this information to determine the changes it has undergone throughout the years, reflecting its citizens' lives.
Many of the historical buildings in Lincoln reflect the old culture of the town and how it has transformed. One building I noticed was the Friend’s Meeting House. It was primarily used by the Quakers who originally lived in the area; it was the center of their lives. It became a safe place for them to live and practice their faith since not everyone agreed with their standings on fragile subjects, such as slavery, at that time. The Quaker lifestyle has died out for the most part, turning this building into a place of gathering for people of all religions and ethnicities. This house reflects the change in social and religious groups living in Lincoln. On the other hand, a building that remains a part of the town’s daily life is Conklin Quarry. It has been open since the mid-17th century, cooking limestone to provide lime, a key ingredient in cement, and providing jobs to the townspeople. It is still running to this day, producing many other rock types besides lime, like granite, and other yard products, such as fertilizer and sand. Although Conklin produces much more than it used to, it still provides their main product. This gives the citizens a strong feel to their town, keeping their historical background with them while altering it to keep up with their lifestyles.
Lincoln is a town of many religions, new and old. One of the oldest religions still dominant in Lincoln is Roman Catholisism. There are two Roman Catholic churches, along with a cemetery. They have been open since the late 1800s/early 1900s and have firm roots in the town. St. James Church is located in Manville, which used to have a predominantly French population. The recreational building next to St. James used to be a French School, showing how the catholic religion and French ethnicity were related. The loss of the school shows the diminishing French population, whether they fled the city or just...

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