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Cultures And Relations Essay

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The variety of cultures in America is vast and always changing. One’s culture usually depends on their location’s rate of development, the connections with other locations, and especially the influences of different historical times relevant to their culture. Most importantly though, one’s culture depends on their heritage. In order for cultural traditions and habits to be sustained, they must be passed down or learned through family, tribes, or influences.
The culture perceived in Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart, is specific to a Nigerian tribe in connection with nine villages. The main character in this novel is Okonkwo. To begin to recognize who Okonkwo is, Achebe first describes ...view middle of the document...

New perceptions on the way to raise children creates a unique society of men and women. In earlier history, many boys were raised to believe that sports and war should be their path to adulthood, and anyone who thought different would commonly be unaccepted by society or forced to hide who they really are.
Another much more apparent variance within cultures is the form of communication. Because of the levels of development and technology differing in countries and even in individual states or tribes, communication can only be defined to a specific location. In America, we communicate via technology on a regular basis. News is spread exceptionally fast and reduced to quick messages that can potentially lack emotion or substance due to this. As previously stated though, because of the different levels of progression in cultures, this isn’t true for every location in the world today. Some still use the forms of technology appreciated in Achebe’s novel. An example of this communication occurs when an elder messenger of the Oracle, Ogbuefi Ezeudu, dies. His death was announced throughout the town with the musical sounds of an Ekwe. The player of this instrument walks throughout the village to signal that there will be an important announcement. Deaths are much more quickly announced in our culture. As discussed in class, the verdict of the deaths following the mysterious Malaysian plane crash was announced to family members via text. This created a lack of support and sympathy for those who lost someone, and those who were lost.
This discussion brought up the debate of what forms of communication is right and wrong pertaining to certain situations, which relates to another example of culture difference and similarity. Similar to the culture described in the novel, many cultures in less developed countries believe men should have many wives and treat them as if they aren’t equals. In Achebe’s novel, an example of the way women are treated exists when they are ‘allowed’ to drink a certain amount when Okonkwo says. This shows his superiority over his wives, which is common in smaller, undeveloped countries or locations. It differs from American culture though because we favor equality and freedom. Modern ideas of marriage and relationships are becoming more common over tradition and typicality. This is redefining what we label as tradition in our culture and what is not.
Another example of...

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