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Cultures And Subcultures Within Our Society Explore The Different Cultures As Well As Subcultures Within Our Society. How Do These Develop And Change Over Time? Written In An Mla Structure.

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Linn ErsbringMs OlssonEnglish BMay 25 2010CultureThat prejudice, racism, stereotypes along with discrimination, concerning any human being in society, are bad things is a truth in today's society that is never questioned by anyone being considered as socially, morally, or politically responsible. Moreover, close to everyone, whether man or woman, black or white, practices some sort of discrimination about someone, no matter if it is shown in ethnic or sexual jokes that regularly surface, or else from the way people tend to keep distance from others with a feature which they are not fond of. This essay will explore different cultures within society, as well as subcultures, in order to obtain a deeper understanding of what happens when two people of different cultures meet, why their instincts immediately tell them to fear each other and how that fear grows into prejudice and racism.Every single soul in society belongs to a culture, and to be able to decide which culture a stranger must belong to we generalize by grouping depending on age, sex and ethnicity. In addition, different societal conditions might influence and are influenced by every man or woman's living condition, having poverty as one example of a living condition. When we are raised in a society where poverty is a part of the everyday culture and where death and hatred is impossible to escape, it is likely that we follow the footsteps of those who made us who we are today, since it is all we know of. Although we may live in the same area, share the same background and go to the same school, our norms and morals may separate us completely, and even if they do not, we sometimes tend to blame others for our misery, simply because they do not fit into the same ethnic, cultural or religious group as we do. Blaming someone we cannot relate to, someone we cannot see ourselves in, brings us less guilt than blaming someone very much alike ourselves and as a consequence we are more likely to blamesomeone of another culture, religion, gender or similar. Although we are responsible for our unhappiness, blaming ourselves for our own mistakes and problems is one of the hardest things to do. Denial is safe and comfortable and it helps us grow numb, but admitting we are the root of our misery is one of the most painful and difficult roads we must follow, and somewhere down that road, society forces us to make a choice. The choice we make will shape us for the rest of our lives and only a few manages to find a way back. It is during this time people find their place in society, which in a number of cases may be difficult, since some may not accept that someone who is slightly different should be a part of society. Then it is up to us to create new roles for us to play. Whether we like it or not, we are all a part of society and "no man is an island" (Donne), meaning that we cannot live alone. Although it might appear as if we walk down the road all by ourselves,...

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