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Cultures And Their Religious Beliefs: The Power Of Myth By Joseph Cambell

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In this course I have had the opportunity to learn about new cultures and their religious beliefs that will impact my interactions with others throughout my career. As a psychology major, most of the major contributors to psychology view religion as subjective. For instance Sigmund Freud, father of psychology was an atheist and believed that religion was a form of neurosis. Freud criticizes religion very harshly and I think this is where the misconception of psychology not representing religion stems from. In psychology, there are many perspectives and their sub categories. The main perspectives are psychoanalytic, humanist, behaviorist, and cognitive. Freud was psychoanalytical and during his era there was no way he could prove his theories scientifically. Through these different psychology perspectives there are many reasons for behaviors. I believe it is important to note that all of them have a slightly different view of religion. However, I believe having faith is a significant device to have in one’s life. Having religion to fall back on when times are rough and knowing that some things are out of your control can be therapeutic.
Through this course and understanding many different religions it will help me in my career by sympathizing and considering a person’s ultimate concern in life. For me, religion provides a center compass to my life. When things are difficult, my faith provides a center, a place I can return to and draw inspiration. It is not a crutch, rather a place to refocus and then move forward.
In my growing up there were a number of myths that impacted my life. Some were religious based and some were not. One religious myth I remember from a young age is a lady from church had been diagnosed with cancer. She had an MRI done and the doctors were certain they found a nodule on her ovary. This lady was heavily involved in the church and asked to be prayed for at the end of service. A month later she went back to the doctors to see if the nodule had grown. Unbelievably, the spot was not found. When the lady came back to church the next week she had announced what had happened. This has impacted me since then, and I believe prayers do get answered. I often find myself praying when I lose something very important, and in a few minutes it will appear in a moment’s notice, or I’ll remember where I had left it. Another myth that I was told appeared to have no religious basis occurred is when I was playing soccer. My coach was from Iran and always told the team stories about his culture and notorious players he coached. One player on my team reminded him of another player he had coached. This boy on my team was very outgoing, loud and obnoxious. At one of the practices Coach was fed up with his behavior and he told him a story. It began with Coach saying how this player was very good, but no one liked how he acted. Then Coach said that the player did not play because he had worms inside of him, and that was caused by his...

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