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Around the world, hundreds upon hundreds of cultures are found. Whether it be ethnic foods or intriguing dances, each country holds a culture that they can claim to be their own. There are three countries that specifically have very interesting cultures: Mexico, with its festive parties and spicy cuisine; Brazil, with its laid back, happy atmospheres; and Spain, with its high fashion and romantic dances. Although all countries have their own unique traditions and customs, I found these countries to be the most relevant and interesting to me personally. Three countries with cultures extremely different than my own would be Mexico, Brazil, and Spain.
Although Mexico may be close to the States as far as geography is concerned, the culture is still foreign. Mexico is the most Spanish speaking country in the world, although there are over a hundred Native and Mayan languages that are still spoken by families and some schools. Mexico is a predominately Catholic society, and it is considered to be governed a Roman Republic-like system. The main aspects of Mexican culture comes from many Mayan and religious traditions. (Wikipedia, Culture in Mexico) One aspect of Mexican culture is the food: chiles, tortillas, burritos, torta, tamal, and so much more. Only being introduced fully to Mexican culture in the past year, I personally knew little about Mexican dishes. Food is usually bought a few days a week or grown in the backyard, creating a strong communal system within a town. “The Mexican people contribute to the community through their work. They pay rent or own houses; they buy food in the community.” (Fernando Sanchez, BrainyQuote) Many dishes use chicken or beef as the main entrée, which is extremely different from my vegetarian diet. Also, many types of chiles and spices are used when creating Mexican dishes, and beans and rice are eaten as a side dish most nights. Another aspect of Mexican culture would be the unequal role of genders in the household. In Mexican society, the man is still considered the breadwinner and decision-maker of a family; in America, most people my age are raised to believe that men and women are equal. The family is considered to be the center of all social structure, whether it is immediate or extended. (Kwintessential) “Women play crucial roles in the family, but even here the male is chief of the family( jefe de familia ). “ (Everyculture, Mexico) One huge aspect of Mexican culture that many Americans know about is the tradition of the fiesta (or pachanga), along with the bright piñatas and festive mariachi bands. Another huge part of Mexican culture is the music, or la musica. Music is everything, from weddings to parties to quicineras (coming of age for women), la musica is everywhere! Through the immigration of many Mexicans to America, more and more of the authentic Mexican culture is making its way to all corners of America. (Everyculture, Mexico) The Mexican culture is a bright and festive one, but the...

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