Cultures Based Off Of Pregnancy Intro To Cultural Anthropology Essay

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Different Aspects on Pregnancy and Its Culture
Heras, Odalis
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This paper explores the history and cultural aspects of pregnancy and focuses on the rituals surrounding pregnancy, the beliefs based off of pregnancy, how child birth is like in other rural places and explains the sub topics of child rearing and child birth. Pregnancy differs in many cultures and celebrations are different due to how one can adapt. Also, traditions differ in many parts of the world due to how pregnancy is taken place. This paper will also focus on the possible pregnancy myths that happen every day and discover the comparisons on American celebration pregnancies due to others.
Different Aspects on Pregnancy and Its Culture
Pregnancy traditions and celebrations have been accustomed to everyone’s life for many centuries and has evolved in everyone’s life as time went on. Even though, pregnancy and child birth are nothing alike, it is well aware that the celebrations for both occasions are different far more than others, especially in the United States of America. There are many different attributes on how pregnancy can be taken as, and it starts here. Knowing that there are different traditions in all parts of the world, all of them have many ways as to how they see pregnancy and as to how someone should deliver their child.
Literary Review
To begin with, in many cultures, celebrating a pregnancy is probably the most special occasion in the life of a future mother. Many ideas and expectations happen, and that is totally normal, yet overwhelming for the mother to be. But most importantly, now that she is pregnant, the most important event in her life will happen, besides delivering her child. It is all about planning out the baby shower and how to get it all together. Although, the question that seems to be roaming around is, do other cultures celebrate baby showers like the way it is done in the United States? No, many other cultures celebrate the pregnancy of the woman to be differently.
For example, one way that pregnancy celebrations differ than the ones in the United States is the Indian culture. Their way of celebrating the future mother announcing her big news is based off of a unique baby shower that is called Godh Bahari. (Mothers Space). Godh Bahari is another form of a baby shower that they celebrate in India, and this event is usually presented by the Hindus. Godh Bahari is traditionally an all women celebration. Therefore, in other words, it is a celebration that prohibits men from joining and being involved. The celebration is very small and only close friends and family are invited. This celebration is important to the woman who is pregnant, because this is a way for her to get blessed by her loved ones. Another thing about this celebration is that it is hosted from the husband of the woman, and only married women are allowed to join. This is interesting because it really limits...

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