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The mythological tale “Cupid and Psyche” is a story about love, in which Psyche has desperate desire for a husband. When Psyche finally receives a lover, Cupid, her curiosity takes over, and she betrays his wishes. Cupid flees, and Psyche must complete tasks to prove her love for Cupid. This story can be applied to love today, because it shares three important lessons about love: love cannot exist where there is no trust, wit, patience, and bravery are necessary traits to have in a relationship, and if you keep trying, heart and soul will be united.
The first important lesson in the Story, “Cupid and Psyche” is that love can not exist when there is no trust. Trust is one of the most important aspects in a relationship, without it there is no true love. Someone must have trust so he or she is able to share their true feelings with confidence. Cupid and Psyche go through the struggle of trusting one another. In the story, Psyche has been sent to a hilltop because she has no love and must be left alone. As she is waiting on the hilltop, the wind carries her to a meadow where a mansion stands. Throughout the day, although alone, she felt like her husband would appear that night. As she had expected, she felt her husband behind her. She never saw her husband, but but she could feel and hear him. One night her husband warned that her sisters were coming to the mountain top to mourn her, and he says,”but you must not let them see you or you will pay great sorrow upon me and ruin yourself.” He later said ”Do what you will, but you are seeking your own destruction.” The next morning Psyche met her sisters and brought them back to her palace. Her sisters were filled with envy. They began plotting against Psyche and planted the seed in her head that her husband was an evil serpent. When her husband was asleep, Psyche tip toed to the bed, and gazed at the man lying in the bed. She was relieved that is was Cupid in the bed, not a serpent. Cupid woke and said “Love can not live where there is no trust,” He then fled away.Psyche trusted her sisters instead of her dear Cupid. Psyche then went straight to Venus where she then had to prove her love for Cupid.
There are many traits a strong relationship must have, but the most important are patience, wit, and bravery. A relationship needs patience. The people in the relationship must be willing to not rush into things, and take there time to enjoy each other in the relationship, so they can truly love one another. They must also be witty, which means being sharp and intelligent. This is important because it can be used to amuse people, and bring laughter and smiles . The last quality needed is bravery, which is important because people have to be willing to step out of their comfort zones and put full trust in the other person. In the story, Psyche runs to Venus in order to find Cupid. Venus laughs in Psyche’s face and tells her that she must complete the most painful and diligent services. First, Venus gives...

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