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Cupid And Psyche Essay

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Psyche at the end of the story shows how she is a female character who takes a male hero role. She performs these difficult tasks Venus makes her do which are traditionally performed by males and overcomes the impossible obstacles. Psyche breaks the expectations that women cannot succeed in male activities by accomplishing each and every single one of them. She also shows how she fought for her marriage which was not a likely thing to happen. She did everything possible for her husband which shows commitment. She shows how women can do things typically done by males and be successful. Even though she did receive help when performing these tasks, it still demonstrates the strength of her as ...view middle of the document...

When Psyche betrays Cupid, he leaves and forces Psyche to fight back for him. Psyche cannot let Cupid go and puts all this hard work into the tasks Venus makes her complete This shows how dedicated she is to him and how she was not willing to give up. She pushed herself through difficult obstacles for their love. She went out of her way to find him and try to win him back. Once she does and they become married, Venus approves. Venus accepts the marriage because no one will have to look at Psyche again. By having her approval it also shows how the marriage was real and pure. A common thing during this period was families not accepting marriages that were not arranged or they did not approve for certain reasons. So by having Cupid’s mother approval it shows everyone around that it was a commitment accepted.
Sexual passion and love is presented in several ways when it comes to “Cupid and Psyche” as well. The main conflict that occurs in this story has to do with Psyche’s attractiveness. Cupid is allowed to look at her although she is not allowed to look back at him. The sexual passion is a one way connection between the two. Cupid also only visits at night which kind of tells you something as well. Society did not approve of sex before marriage or sleeping with each other unless they were married. This does not...

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