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The research done to show neuroplastic change has benefited many areas of medical research specifically when involving techniques used to treat mental and emotional health and many psychiatric disorders. These techniques are used in a type of psychiatry called psychotherapy. There are several different forms of psychotherapy including behavior therapy and psychodynamic therapy, but in its most general state, psychotherapy is a type of therapy that uses the knowledge of the brains ability to change after the critical period of development to treat mental illnesses and disorders like panic disorder, OCD, and the like.
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By using the “redirection method”, the patients are able to stop being tormented by their obsession and get rid of some of the symptoms of their OCD or obsession. Results from this behavioral therapy however do not happen overnight and it takes time to weaken old connections in the brain and create newer healthier ones.
Another type of psychotherapy that has been used since the beginning of the 20th century is psychodynamic therapy. Also known as “insight-oriented therapy”, this type of treatment involves trying to decipher a client’s past in order to understand the person's current behavior. A client and their therapist will talk about their fears to try and look at unresolved issues that could have influenced the behaviours they are observing now. A study done by researchers at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center were able to find that psychodynamic therapy is extremely effective in treating panic disorder. During this research, 49 patients compared sessions of psychodynamic psychotherapy, taken twice a week for twelve weeks, to another common approach, applied relaxation training (ART). After collecting the results of the study, it was discovered that psychoanalytic therapy (psychodynamic therapy) received almost double the amount of client response than ART. This study although preliminary, is very important to make note of because it shows the importance and effectiveness of this branch of psychotherapy. One success story of psychodynamic therapy is of a professional musician who experienced panic attacks that would prevent her from performing. After the psychodynamic therapy sessions taken during the study, she was able to trace the root of her attacks back to the relationship she had...

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