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University of PhoenixOctober 12, 2009ACC/400IntroductionThe purpose of this paper is to conduct a comparison of current and noncurrent assets; in addition this paper will also explain order of liquidity and how the liquidity applies to the balance sheet.Current and Noncurrent AssetsAccording to Kimmel, Weygandt, & Kieso, (2007), two types of are assets are present at all companies current assets and noncurrent assets. Current assets are assets that a company expects to convert into cash within a year or less. Current Assets on a balance sheet item equals the sum of cash and cash equivalents, accounts receivable, marketable securities, prepaid expenses and Inventory all fall under the category of current assets since most or all companies expect to convert to cash within a year or less. Noncurrent assets are assets that a company does not expect to convert into cash within a year or less. Office Furniture, business equipment trademarks a copyrights fall under the noncurrent assets category. The difference between current and noncurrent assets is the time that it takes for those assets can be converted into cash, if they can even be converted into cash. Current and Noncurrent assets are usually listed on a company's Balance Sheet. The Balance Sheet is one of the most important financial statements prepared by companies on a yearly. The Balance Sheet is an outline of the company's financial condition. The balance sheet shows in a nut shell a summary of company assets. Liabilities and shareholders' equity.Many companies delete current assets on balance sheets after a year from the data on the balance sheet. Kimmel, Weygandt, & Kieso (2007) Accounts receivable are current assets because companies will acquire them and convert them to cash within a year or less. Supplies are a current asset because the company expects to use them for production or company operations during an operating cycle which is usually about a year. Kimmel, Weygandt, & Kieso (2007). The operating cycle is like turnaround time which is the time that it takes the company to...

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1971 words - 8 pages edition.Cash vs. Accural Basis of Accounting. (2007, March 03). In Retrieved 09:55, September 28, 2012, from and Noncurrent Assets Paper. (2009, November 09). In Retrieved 11:31, September 27, 2012, from Jones Limited Financial Report 2010. Retrieved 23 September, 2012

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1118 words - 4 pages the subsequent 12 months (Jerry J. Weygandt, 2011).By December 2010, GM had a total of 138,898.00 million in total assets (Hoovers, Inc, 2014). A total of 45% of these assets are regarded as present assets and are extremely obtainable by the business at any instant to pay debt, invest, and grow (Hoovers, Inc, 2014). The remaining 55% of GM's assets are fixed and non-current assets which are less liquid and would require time to really change

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