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Current Bullying Laws Not Working Essay

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Current Bullying Laws Not Working
Bullying is something that has been going on in schools and communities for centuries. There are however, laws that have been put into place to help prevent bullying. These laws were first started in 1964. However, “under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not directly cover religion, often religious based harassments are based on shared ancestry of ethnic characteristics which is covered.”(Federal Laws 1) Laws started changing around 1995 that helped reinforce what schools should be doing to prevent bullying. Bullying is defined as a behavior that encompasses threats, physical aggression, teasing, and harassment. Since bullying laws were put into place to help protect America’s youth, there is still a wide spread of people affected. Bullying laws do not protect everyone, and are still not working as they were intended to, but they have worked to some degree.
To begin with, there are three main people affected by bullying. The victim is the most obvious person that suffers from bullying. The victim only gets to fill out a piece of paper, stating what had happened to them. It does not protect the person being targeted from any further harassment from someone else, coming along and picking up on where the last bully left off. The victim then will be distrait and will most likely, have a “decrease in academics and may suffer from depression and anxiety, which can lead to suicide.”(Effects of Bullying 1) The victim is not the only person that is troubled when it comes to bullying laws. The bully will get suspended or expelled from school which can lead to further anger and the law does not make parents take care of the bullies’ issues. It should make the parent take their child to see a therapist or seek counseling. “Bullying issues are related to the amount of adult supervision that children receive. When a child receives negative messages or physical punishment at home, they tend to develop bullying behaviors.”(NASP Fact Sheet 1) The bully might be impinged as an adult and more likely to get into fights, drink, do drugs, go to jail, and be abusive to their romantic partners. Another person that is affected is the witnesses. They are rarely thought of but they have increased use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs, along with mental health problems and depression.
Furthermore, since there are no federal laws that address bullying, “bullying overlaps with discriminatory harassment when it is based on race, national origin, color, sex, age, disability, or religion.”(Federal Laws 1) After the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, forty-eight states put anti-bullying laws into place. All of their laws state that a hardcore investigation must take place, along with reporting it, followed by strict punishment. A victim has to report it happening from the same person or group repeatedly before anything is done about it, in order to...

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