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Current Challenges And Opportunities In The Hi Field

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* Rapidity at which the HIT field is advancing: This would include not only technological advances including issues of obsolescence but also our applying the knowledge that continues to grow almost exponentially from the experiences of other. The risk in this is increased when you are dealing with a moving target; i.e. the facts on which an HI project planning and budget are based upon have the possibility of shifting with this new HI technology and/or knowledge. Yet, due to the magnitude of most HI projects, one of the distinct realities of HIT and perhaps even more critical than other IT projects in other business environments is that you must be already planning for the next implementation before you’ve finished the first and in this type of planning, you’re likely to be more dependent on the first being executed on time and within budget.

An example of this rapidity are many of the newly found applications of the Internet and other evolving communication technologies, which have already proven their significance in serving such goals as reducing costs and increasing user participation. The opportunity for the HIT field is that it has the overall perspective of both the IT and clinical side.

* Complexity of applying an IT technology to healthcare processes and its dependence on human factors for success: It has long since been recognized that in healthcare, the risk of failure grows the more the HIT implementation ignores human factors in the workplace. This is where the HI field distinguishes itself and has a greater opportunity from the more narrowly focused clinical, administrative and IT professions as it can acting as a bridge between them all in handling or building teams for the processes of change management and workplace/environmental process redesigns so essential for HIT’s success.

* Research, which demonstrates, proven measurable HI value not only inclusive of but beyond the immediate direct patient care goals of improving patient care and safety: In the very early days of HI when healthcare IT was first applied, research and analysis was based upon the HITs resulting many siloed and departmental applications along with the later (and in many cases, still ongoing) HI challenges of integrating these on an enterprise-wide basis to create valuable and applicable knowledge from the collection and processing of integrated information and data. The challenge and opportunities for the HIT field is to continue to compile and integrate this valuable research which are inclusive of and span multiple dimensions rather than just a few. Another opportunity for the HI field is to assist executives and other HIT decisions makers with this research, which is sometimes “scattered, incomplete, and spread across different sources”, rather...

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