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Current Economic Issues Impact Of Technology In Australia

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Current Economic Issues- Impact of Technology
1. Technological change has impacted on employment since the beginning of the 20th century because it has both created and made many jobs redundant. Factory/manufacturing jobs have been replaced by machines that have become prominent in the last century. Also, newspapers took a long time to make in the times before internet-because it took many people had to work in the production of one. Now, just a writer and editor is sufficient, with the latest communication technology. Many people with the jobs in the newspaper and manufacturing industry have become redundant as their skills are unneeded for contemporary society.

However, many jobs have been created by technology, such as information technology jobs. For instance, jobs such as a website manager, system administrator or software engineer did not exist before the expansion of computers, and the demand for these sorts of employees is increasing.

Also, work can be done at home nowadays, as communication is much more efficient these days. People can receive contract work over the internet, and also works such as journalism and writing articles can be done on an internet. This has also meant that many people who cannot work outside their own homes have a chance at being employed.

2. a) Technological change has impacted particularly on several job sectors:
• Cashiers are being replaced by electronic checkout counters. Checkout counters are much more efficient as all they require is generally around one person serving six people as an assistant, whereas if you want to serve six people traditionally you would have to employ six people. This is a benefit to the company as they only need to pay on employee.
• Telephone operators and call centres can now be located offshore, meaning the people previously with this job in Australia will now be unemployed. Working offshore means that the company needs to pay out less money to the employees as opposed to Australia, because the price of labour in Australia is typically higher than those of south-east Asia, India, and other poor countries.
• The number of farmers and those working in the agriculture sector has decreased in recent years. Machines and equipment such as tractors are replacing those who manually harvest the crops, as they have increased productivity and this way farmers do not need to give out as much wages
b) The impact that this will have in our economy include:
• Job losses- many people employed in sectors have been...

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