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Current Event For Global Poltics Glo Po Global Politics

1203 words - 5 pages

IB GLOBAL POLITICS (SL): Current Events Project Name: _____________________________________
Objective: The major goal of this class is to arm you with the skills and knowledge to participate in and contribute to a global society, in addition to allowing for a deeper understanding of global political movements and events.
To achieve this goal, while also providing you with additional examples to potentially use in IB writing, you will complete a current events project through first quarter and the beginning of second quarter. You will identify current events and relate them to the key concepts that we have been discussing in class.
1. Pick a current event
a. Identify a current event (from the last 20 years- 1997+ forward) that deals with the assigned key concept. You may NOT use something happening within the United States, but the US may be involved in the event that you choose.
b. Locate 2 different news articles from 2 different sources about the current event that you’ve chosen
c. Read and understand your two articles
2. Create an annotated bibliography that includes the following information for both articles:
a. Write a bibliographical citation using Chicago Style formatting (see below for examples. EasyBib can help you with this.)
b. Write an annotation for the article that…
i. Summarizes the main ideas/ claims the article makes (5 Ws)
ii. Analyzes the bias/ point of view of the speaker/ article (sourcing- what makes it credible or not? Is the country in which the article is written somehow involved in the event? etc.
iii. Evaluates whether you think the article is a reliable reporting of the event.
3. Write a FULL 2-page paper (12 or 10-pt font, TNR, 1-inch margins, double-spaced) and do the following:
a. Include your name, date, etc. on the first page of your paper. Create a title for your paper.
b. Summarize/ explain the current event. (5 Ws)
c. Take a position on the event/ issue. Support your position with evidence from at least 1 article. Also consider alternative/ counter points.
d. Relate your event to the assigned key concept (see below). Be as specific as you can here. Incorporate theories, details, elements that we have been looking at together during class. (at least 3/4 page)
e. Please DO NOT USE “I.”
Key Concept
Date Due
Tuesday, October 10 (1Q)
Tuesday, October 24 (1Q)
Monday, November 6 (2Q)
Monday, November 13 (2Q)
Due Dates:
Citation Information – Chicago Style
Online Periodicals (Journal, Magazine, Newspaper Articles)
Lastname, Firstname. “Title of Web Page.” Publishing Organization or Name of Website in Italics.
Publication date and/or access date if available. URL.
Peltonen, Kirsi, Noora Ellonen, Helmer B. Larsen, and Karin Helweg-Larsen. “Parental Violence and
Adolescent Mental Health.” European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 19, no. 11 (2010): 813-
822. doi: 10.1007/s00787-010-0130-8.
Clements, Jessica, Elizabeth Angeli, Karen Schiller, S. C. Gooch, Laurie...

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