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Current Event: Is President Obama’s Universal Pre K Vision Effective?

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Obama’s Preschool for All program, in February, at the president’s state of the union address. This program proposes to provide federal funding so that four year olds in the United States will have the opportunity to go to preschool. Though there are people, who support him proposed preschool program, many studies, and researchers find that it will not be effective.
The supporters for Obama’s Pre-K program seem to be ignoring the past-published research on effectiveness of preschool before elementary school. These findings include the National Head Start Impact Study and the research on the Federal Child Development Block Grant Program. Both of these studies find that preschool has no visible impact on later academic achievement. The second study’s research finds that there are even negative impacts on the children in childcare supported through the Federal Child Development Block Grant Program. There are also some preschool programs, in Georgia and Oklahoma, which are almost equivalent to Obama’s Preschool for All program. These programs had very little, if any, positive impacts on the children’s future academic performance.
In 2009, a team of researchers from Vanderbilt did a study on Tennessee’s Volunteer Preschool Program (TN-VPK). The study was a random trial, consisting of 3,000 children whose parents had applied for admission into a preschool that was a part of the TN-VPK. The children that were accepted into the program were included in the intervention group of the study. The children who were denied admission into the program were included in the control group of the study. The results of the study states that the children who were accepted into the TN-VPK are more likely to be put in a special education classroom once they enter elementary school than the children who were not accepted. The researchers have hope that their findings may show evidence that the TN-VPK contributes positive impact to the...

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