Current State Of The Republican Party

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It was a commonly held belief among the Republican party that Mitt Romney was almost a guaranteed win in the 2012 presidential election. This view wasn't necessarily because Romney followed Republican policy to a T but rather because of Obama's disastrous job with the economy in the previous four years. History was well in the minds of most Republicans in that particular matter since no president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt had ever won a presidency after the economy had gone as low as it did and was in a serious struggle to rebound. With this piece of history in the minds of most Republicans the assumptions was history would continue to repeat itself even if Romeny wasn't the Republican parties knight in shinning armor. The election results proved otherwise and in areas where it counted President Obama won over the key states in regard to electoral college votes. Obama won the battleground states of Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado and then eventually florida. One key state to the succes was Pennsylvania, where Romney made an 11th-hour bid for support to try to derail the president’s drive for re-election. North Carolina was the only battleground Romney won (Dorning ). This spelled yet another loss for the faltering Republican party and had many of its members on edge and talking of change.
The Republicans were divided on the changes that needed to take place. There are two different paths to explore, first of which is whether the party needs to get with the times and take a more center or moderate approach or entrench itself in its conservative beliefs. Looking at the first suggestion it seems most Republicans share this view and believe that the party needs to recognize the changes in America and overhaul their policy views. The country has changed drastically over the years in many ways. The first such way is in social issues. The traditionally narrow minded view on most social issues has almost all but gone away and the open mindedness of the american people is more apparent. One of these issues is gay marriage and the acceptance it has been met by. We see this with certain states that have already legalized it and in more and more states contemplating proposing gay marriage and placing it on the ballot. According to a ABC News poll, conservative support for gay marriage has gone from 10 percent support in 2004 to 19 percent in 2006 and 30 percent currently (Abramowitz). Another important issue is abortions and the womens right to choose. This has always been an issues of friction in america but abortion has become more open and a more commonly used option among women. For women who do not necessarily agree with the practice of abortion they still share the idea that women should have the right to choose and make decisions that are inherently theirs because it is their body. Womens rights have always been a debated subject in american and it has only expanded over the years. Telling women they have no...

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