To Date Or Not To Date A Multicultural Girl

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To date or not to date a multicultural girl? That is the question.
Nowadays, one of the hardest things to do in our lives is to find the right girl for us. We all know that we live in a ethnic country, that racism doesn’t have a meaning anymore. Junot Diaz is a Dominican-American writer who wrote “How to date a brown girl, black girl, white girl, or a halfie”, which the textual analysis of its contain a Multicultural. In this story we can point out to so many different parts, which he talks about how to date a multicultural girl. Based on Junot Diaz’s story, ethnicity is one the greatest factors that make guys treat their opposite sex differently; however, because of his word choice, by being offensive to my culture, and by trying to redeem himself in the way that he also said offensive statements about white people.
When someone reads this story, at first they see that the word choice of its is not as formal as it should be considering that Diaz is a creative writing professor, but when you look closer you can see what he meant by saying those words and using that language. In the story he first started by how the guy tries to trick his mom so he can stay in and spend time with the girl that is going to be there shortly. But he doesn’t clarify who the girl is, what does she look like, what is her ethnicity and so on and so forth. So by doing that he makes us to think who that girl is and why is he trying so hard to make his mom leave the house. And on the second paragraph of the story he mentions, “Clear the government cheese from the refrigerator”(Diaz 1). By saying that he tries to say that he is talking to the majority of the lower middle class. It also means the main character is a guy who comes from a lower middle class family, that uses government cheese to feed themselves. And nowadays we don’t see that many people getting food stamps and government coupons that easy. You have to a low income to be qualified to get their benefits.
One of the main reasons that I chose to write my essay with a multicultural lense is that I am also coming from a foreign family, in other words; Middle Eastern. I see myself connected to this story. Junot Diaz talks about how the guys have to treat brown girls. By saying brown girls he meant Middle Eastern or Spanish cultures. But I also see that offensive to my culture, because instead of saying brown girl, he could have said Middle Eastern. And by saying black, he could have said African-American. His words choice in this story is not very respectful toward other cultures. But the funny thing is that Juan Diaz is also coming from a foreign culture. His mom is Dominican and his father is Caucasian, which makes him Dominican-American. What I believe is when you are an outsider yourself; you are in a different position than others. That leads the reader to not having enough self-confidence; in other words, you would not care to put you culture in the spot. But he also had a lot of points by saying those...

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