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Curricular Enhancement Essay

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Palisades High School is a small rural school in Bucks County Pennsylvania, and is home to an elite football team and renown turf field in the area. There is one thing that this school prides itself on, and that is school spirit. This school spirit runs deep through the students, administration, and parents.
One family has roots so deep in the school that they have four generations that have passed through the district. This family is the Carr family. The Carr’s have been devoted to Palisades and its athletics program for over twenty-five years; the father (Scott Carr Senior), the father’s brothers, his brother’s sons, and his sons have all played for the Palisades High School football team.
In 2004, Scott Carr’s son, Scott Carr Junior began playing for the football team, and at that point, the team was beginning to gain its elite status and become a very decorated team. Mr. Carr Senior was such a faithful fan and community member, that he built a twenty-foot long pirate ship that was clad with school colors, whistles, cannons, and flags. It was the least that Mr. Carr could do as such a faithful fan and community member that he gave this to the school as a gift. Over the last seven years, Mr. Carr Senior added to the pirate ship’s repertoire, incorporating many new features. The ship went from a one tier twenty-foot long ship to a three-tiered, multiple cannon, and multiple mast ship. The pirate ship was an iconic symbol in the community, and it was something that this school district prided itself on. It sat on the turf football field at the high school and was a place where students of all ages came together to cheer for the home team and have a great time.
On January 6th, 2011, the iconic pirate ship in Bucks County burned to the ground. The event happened at approximately 2 AM and has been ruled by the Pennsylvania State Police as arson. The community was devastated but was not going to let the arsonist take their pride. Mr. Carr Senior and the rest of the community were set on rebuilding the ship for the next football season. Mr. Carr said, “We’re still winners because we are still here and we can rebuild. I’m going to tell you that right now.” Mr. Carr was set on building a bigger and better version as well.
A week after the torching of the pirate ship, the school districts insurance company, Thomas and Williamson, came to review the incident to create a claim that would further lead to possible reimbursement. When interviewed, Mr. Carr Senior had stated that the pirate ship only cost him roughly $2,000 to $3,000 to build over the last seven years, including the ongoing improvements.
After approximately three weeks, the Thomas and Williamson insurer got back to the school’s Athletic and Student Activities Director, Rebecca George, on the possibility of reimbursement. The Palisades School District was told that they would be reimbursed for the burned-down pirate ship; the amount was still under debate with...

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