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Curriculum Mapping Essay

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Curriculum mapping is a process that focuses on the subject matter to be taught, the manner in which it is taught, the timeline involved, available resources, and ultimately the means of assessment. With the inclusion of technology into the mapping process, web-based curriculum management can bring vital information easily into the hands of all curriculum decisions makers.
Curriculum mapping invites all individuals who deal with curricular concerns to enter into the curriculum analysis process. The values present in a web-based curriculum mapping tool are plentiful. A collaborative web-based tool can provide a framework for organization and communication which is not available in a traditional face-to-face, schedule bound meeting session. The ability to flexibly disseminate information facilitates the task of managing curriculum and sharing instructional best practices across grades, subjects, and schools. Another benefit is it can help build on what students have learned in previous years to prepare them for future classes and achievement.
One of the most important players in the curriculum mapping game is teachers. Unfortunately they can be the most difficult group to get involved due to busy schedules and an already full plate of ongoing lesson planning and assessment. To help create “buy-in” teachers need to be given ample time during the school day to work collaboratively on the curriculum map. Professional development and training on the use of the tool must be provided early in the school year and then supported throughout the process. Furthermore teachers need to be informed of the importance of their role; that they are the ones in charge of how curriculum actually occurs in the classroom. Teacher input into collaborative decision making provides insight into the understanding how students are being taught, allowing the team to make appropriate and timely modifications to the curriculum and determine why certain performance results have been achieved. Finally web-based curriculum mapping is a powerful way to encourage teacher leadership through collaborative data-driven decision making to implement a successful curriculum mapping initiative.

Resources are an important component to any organization for successful daily operations and longevity. Educational institutions rely on funding for hiring personnel, building and maintaining facilities and equipment. Public schools are a unique entity as they receive a large portion of local, state and federal tax money and serve as a focal point of most communities which makes them a hotbed of political influence. Within the school district and even the individual schools resource management and prioritization is crucial to meeting the needs of the students and the community.
Politics influence funding and the inclusion or exclusion in curriculum in many ways. Elected officials have great power provided by the architecture of our electoral framework. Decisions made by this relatively small...

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