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Week 1

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What is a Refugee?

What is the public perception?
What are the real laws?

What are the laws in regards to refugee children

What does Australia do with child refugees?


Who are they?

What is the media portrayal?

What is the legal process of refugee children

What are human rights?


Why are they here and where are they from?

What does the Australian legal system do with refugees?

Who are the stakeholders in refugee programs

What are child refugee rights in Australia

Description:Through the curriculum initiative and topic of civics and citizenships and human rights this unit will answer the key question, "Does the Australian legal system adequately protect and enforce the rights of child refugees?"Within the unit are three learning experiences, which will aim to enhance the inquiry based learning of the student through the education of human rights, refugees and the law.The three learning experiences are:A research task involving De Bonos thinking hats and group work;A group and individual research task that involves, media and public perceptionAn individual research task that requires students to respond with the use of secondary sources.Each learning experience involves at least 40 minutes contact time and may require further time from future lessons.ContextThis unit plan is designed for year 12 Legal studies students.The investigation of legal issues is the focus for inquiry-based learning that provides students with the opportunities to learn using topical, relevant and authentic contexts (Queensland studies Authority , 2013) such as child refugees in Australia.Appendix A (Golis, 2008)Learning experience one 1.0 - Group research task, with the use of DeBonos thinking hats.Contextual comment:This group activity must be performed week 2 lesson 3.In groups and all students must be on task to gain the desired learning outcome.When answering the questions the students must relate to the inquiry process table (see appendix B) from the senior syllabus document to assist with their scaffolding.Class organisation: (5 Minutes)20-24 grade 12 students.Divide the class into groups of 5 and place them in a hat category (appendix B), with one blue hat per group, e.g. 4 red hats 1 blue, 4 black hats, 1 blue.As a group they must respond to the three options presented, only answering from their hats perspective, the blue hat is there to keep the hats on task and chair the discussion.NB: The task must be presented to the class via power point (appendix C)Sub question: What does the Australian legal system do with refugees?Task 1.0 (teachers plan)Within groups, with the use of DeBonos thinking the students are required to discuss all three alternatives.As the Australian government, you have been given three alternatives options as to how to deal with the current Australian situation of Refugees. They are:Send all refugees back to where they came from,...

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