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Curriculum Vitae Essay

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Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL, MSc Business and Administration, Marketing. (September 2012 - January 2014)
• Intensive course which has covered all the relevant subjects for a marketing manager. Thesis, experimental study: “Sustainability: is it a valid asset or a liability? Investigation on consumer’s evaluation of sustainable product.” Despite of my bachelor which has been entirely focused on theoretical notions, this master has balanced my knowledge with strong practical skills (work groups and weekly personal assignments). This has given me the perfect mix between theory and practice in order to affront my professional career.
Parthenope University, Napoli, Italy Bachelor ...view middle of the document...

• IELTS English Certificate (Overall Band score 7.0 – 31 March 2012), Bath University. Languages Spoken
• English – Fluent
• Italian – Mother tongue
• Spanish – Beginner level Dutch – Beginner level

Work Experience

La Romagna Restaurant (Nijmegen, NL), Restaurant Manager (August 2012 – Present)
• After six months like waiter I have been promoted as Restaurant manager. I am currently occupying this position. Since I have taken responsibilities the average number of customers has increased by 30% when compared to the previous and the food and beverage wastage has been reduced by 22%. The main point of difference from the previous manager are:
- Investing in social media marketing. I have used the Facebook in order to enlarge as much as possible the audience of the restaurant. Then it has been used the social network as a showcase for the offers and changes in the menu.
- Organize the beverage supplies weekly, and let organize the food supplies daily by the head chef. Reduce the number of dishes in the menu, as well as the number of cocktails has brought to a lesser wastage.
- I have to introduce special offers for students from Mondays to Wednesdays in order to buffer the normal low flow of costumers of these days. On top of that, monthly I have introduced the “three days of experimental cuisine” with the purpose of expanding the audience of the restaurant to different target groups.
Other duties of mine are the normal duties of a restaurant manager. Holding the cash flow of the day, being the accountant of the restaurant, pay the salaries and trained the new employees.

Macdonald Bath SPA Hotel (Bath, UK), Breakfast Assistant (March 2012 – June 2013)
• Having been more proficient in English I have been hired by a five star hotel. My position was Assistant Breakfast. This job gave me the possibility to improve my English more, and be part of a bigger company with different tasks and hierarchies. My duty was to escort the guests to their table, and take notes of their order. On top of that, I was in charge of the room service taking the order by phone. This opportunity gave me the chance to further understand how the different units of the same company have to cooperate in order to give the best offer to the costumers. I gained knowledge on the pivotal importance of each team member and the communication among members.

The Hole in the wall Restaurant (Bath, Uk), Kitchen...

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