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Curse Of The Pharaoh Essay

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The Curse of the Pharaoh, King Tutankhamen, is world renowned and a very popular book and movie topic. Although these works are interesting, they do not cover the entire story. There is so much more to the curse that many people do not know. As you read this paper, you will begin to understand the truth of the curse, not what Hollywood wants you to know.
So, what is the curse? The Curse of the Pharaoh was uncovered after the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s in March of 1923. A novelist whose name is Mari Corelli published an article about the tomb. In this article, she expressed the danger of uncovering tomb. She warned the explorers to use extra caution while entering the tomb. ...view middle of the document...

This very bite killed the Lord. After unwrapping the body of King Tutankhamen, there was a mosquito bite on the body in the exact same place where Lord Caravan’s bite was located. Many more unrecorded deaths related to the curse happened as well.
The tomb of King Tutankhamen is located in The Valley of Kings in the west bank of Luxor, Egypt. The Valley of Kings is located in a very dry, desolate place. It is located very close to the Nile River. It is also very close to the ancient city of Thebes, which is current day Luxor. In this valley, there is absolutely no vegetation and there is no shelter from the scorching heat that an Egyptian desert has to offer. The ground contains both small rocks and sand which practically boil in the Sun’s heat. During the winter months, the temperature averages about ninety degrees, while during the summer months; the temperature can reach as high as 120 degrees. That is extremely hot! The valley was out here in this desert over 3000 years ago. Pyramid builders and Lords chose this treacherous place to hopefully prevent the invasion of grave robbers. For some, this chose proved to be a smart decision, but for others; the heat was not a variable that affected them. They robbed the treasure filled pyramids and underground tombs anyways. One of the only tombs that grave robbers couldn’t find was King Tutankhamen’s tomb. It remained uncovered until Carter and his crew discovered it.
The treasures inside King Tutankhamen’s tomb were very desirable. Since the Boy King did not really do much as king due to his age; not many robbers valued his tomb as much as they did the tomb of King Ramses for instance. When Carter uncovered the tomb, everything was intact. The tomb had never been touched before. In the treasury, there were boxes piled high to the ceiling, as well as model boats. The most fascinating find in the treasury was a shrine dedicated to the King himself. In the antechamber, the most remarkable find was his golden chariot. On the chariot, the phrase HE LIVED A GOLDEN LIFE was inscribed on it.
As mentioned before, the main explorer was Howard Carter. Howard had worked in Egypt for thirty-one years before he found the tomb. His work in Egypt began when he was seventeen years of age. Eight years later, Carter was promoted to Expector-General of Monuments in Upper Egypt. He treasured this title. He resigned from this job in 1905 and began working for Lord Caravan in 1907.
Carter’s followers were not named except for his foreman Reis Amend. Amend was the one who discovered the path that led the group to the tomb. Carter and the Lord chose a select forty-four to follow him to the tomb and help with its discovery.
The followers were the most affected people of the curse. They all died within a few years, except for Carter who lived a full life. Most of the workers died from three main causes. One was fever and delusions that eventually lead to a...

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