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Cursive, Aspects Of The Human Voice

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Kasher Cashing in with his VoiceCursive"The Lament of Pretty Baby"I saw something I was not supposed to see A ghostly memory that keeps on haunting me (The kitchen door was open a crack, So naively we peeked inside) Oh, darling sister, have they hurt you, have they hurt you? Oh, Pretty Baby, they won't touch you They won't touch you again We will fix this incident I don't want to be seen as a pretty thing 'Cause it's the pretty things that we're always breaking... (And now she whispers into the mirror:) I'm broken. Oh doctor, doctor, can you fix me, can you fix me? Oh Pretty Baby, you're so naive -- but it comes off so cute We don't want to fix you We love you just the way you are The butterfly pinned to the page The nightingale locked in the cage -- won't you sing for me? Sing for me, uh-huh Yeah, we love you just the way you are Crushed 'neath fashion magazines Trampled by circus pony dreams -- won't you kiss me? Won't you kiss me, uh-huh Oh please, mister, can't you fix me, can't you fix me? (uh-huh) Someone, anyone, won't you fix me, won't you fix me? (uh-huh) Oh, someone, please, the moon has raped me I can feel it inside me Oh, mama, please let someone fix me! Let them fix me, uh-huh Let them fix me, uh-huh So cry yourself to sleep Cry yourself to sleep 'cause I am strong and you are weak Wait, you are strong, and I am weak Fuck -- just cry yourself to sleepDrown yourself in the compelling poetic lyrics of Tim Kasher while he abrasively confesses them with Ted Steven's driving melodic guitar lines in the background, following his voice through every tone. Allow yourself to feel the precision beat of the drums as they keep the song going throughout its crescendos and decrescendos. Cursive's "The Lament of Pretty Baby" will terrify you and quake your spine as Kasher reveals a story of a rape that changes his life completely.To begin, one must understand Cursive and Tim Kasher. The album, which features "The Lament of Pretty Baby", titled "Domestica", is a mere nine tracks, however, they eerily describes the story of Kasher's recent divorce. Infact, the very first lyrics on the album are "The night has fallen down the staircase / And I, for one, have felt its bruises.". Although it may not seem so by just reading the lyrics, this album is not an album asking for sympathy in anyway nor is it a simple emo album; it covers every emotion felt when one collapses into depression. The tracks are also not arranged in a certain order nor is the story told from a beginning to an end. If you listen carefully, you'll notice that some lyrics are carried throughout the entire album. In the same way, guitar riffs from the first few songs can be heard in the background of the last few songs; making what you've already heard haunt you throughout the album. The product of this lyrical and musical repetition is a very creepy and perplexing album, which will strike you deeply.The album features two characters, "Sweetie" and "Pretty Baby". "Sweetie" would be...

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