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Cursive Writing: A Waste Of Education?

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When is the last time you wrote in cursive besides writing your signature? If you answered honestly, it has probably been months if not years since you have last written a letter or document in cursive. Cursive is a style of penmanship that supposedly allows you to write faster by connecting the flow of the letters together. The handwriting is most popular among the older generation. State legislatures are currently going back and forth discussing if cursive writing should be included in the Common Core curriculum for students. Debates have arisen in the nation as to why or why not cursive writing is important for students to learn. Do you feel that your child should be using cursive in the classroom setting? Realistic and understanding parents would probably answer no. Indeed, cursive writing should be eliminated from the Common Core curriculum for students because it is a waste of their valuable class time and it is a useless skill in our world today.
People argue that cursive is a skill that helps children grow as students. They claim cursive writing develops motor skills, reinforces learning, and helps students connect with the past (Concordia University). Linden Batemen, a state representative from Idaho, states, “Modern research indicates that more areas of the human brain are engaged when children use cursive handwriting” (Smyth). People point out that cursive is a handwriting style that has a more aesthetic look than print. They believe that, having to cypher through someone’s chicken scratch is much harder than cyphering their cursive writing. Another major argument is that children who are not educated in cursive will be unable to read important historical documents, letters from their elders, or, even worse, not be able to sign their own name (Scholastic News). Parents who believe their children should be taught cursive in school think that their children will never be able to read a letter from their grandparents with out the knowledge of cursive handwriting. They do not want their children to be constantly disappointed when they receive a letter written in cursive that they cannot comprehend. Also, parents struggle with the fact that their children will not learn how to sign their name during class time. They feel that their child learning to sign his or her name is essential. These parents do not want their children growing up not knowing how write their signature when signing your name is an almost everyday occurrence. Although it is important for your children to be able to do these things, is it necessary to take time away from their education to teach them the skill?
The new Common Core that has been accepted as the public school curriculum of multiple states makes standardized testing a key component for your children’s promotion and the teacher’s evaluations. The standardized tests are full of specific objectives that the students will be tested on in certain areas. The subjects that appear on these standardized tests are...

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