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Curtailing Overweight And Obesity Among Children

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Aspect of violence & abuse
Neglect is the area of violence that I chose to address. When compared to other forms of child abuse, the prevalence of neglect is experienced more (McSherry, 2007; Leeb, Lewis, & Zolotor, 2011), toping 70% in the year 2008, domestically (Johnson-Reid, Drake, & Zhou, 2012). However, on the surface, there appears to be a conscience that pushes away from the wide-ranging forms associated with neglect and focuses on the concrete and heinous behaviors of child physical and sexual abuse. The seeming apprehensiveness to address child neglect and focus on physical and sexual abuse, one can argue, is due to the differences between who is responsible for some of the forms of neglect (McSherry, 2007). For instance, parents, in particular, those with lower level incomes, of overweight and obese children might be considered neglecting their child from the consumption of nutritional foods.
Yet, limited geographical access of healthy food markets, education, along with the financial wherewithal may prevent the feasibility of obtaining healthy foods. According to Swenson and Chaffin (2006), the larger environment is a facilitating factor in the curtailing of child abuse and neglect. In this scenario, limited access and financial ability provide for an argument that there is a failure of the environment and all that it encompasses (i.e., the area agencies, ligislative officials, food retailers and residents).
Theoretical stance
There are many theories that could be applied when assessing this public health issue such as social learning theory and social exchange theory; however, the theoretical stance that I approached it was from the person in environment perspective – arguing that, the environment is influential on the behaviors of the individual, they mutually influence each other to determine an outcome (Freisthler, Merritt, & LaScala, 2006; Green & McDermott, 2010); the larger community is a factor of child maltreatment and, there is an association between improvised communities and developmental disabilities (Swenson & Chaffin, 2006; Tabone, et al., 2011).
My theoretical stance became evident when I looked into the census tract level state maps. The state of New Jersey was identified as having a low modified retail food environment index score (mRFEI). The mRFEI is a formula that is used to calculate how many healthy food retailers there are compared to unhealthy food retailers within homogenous geographical locations. The state of New Jersey scored an 8 and a 5. The scores indicate that out of every 100 hundred retail food stores only 8 stores offer healthy food, and in impoverished areas only 5 stores per 100.
Summary of project & why I chose the topic
The project entailed me having to draft a letter to the legislative body for distract 28 and 29 of Newark New Jersey. By method of the internet, I first had to obtain who were the current senators and assemblymen or assemblywomen for the area that peeked my...

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