Curves Situation Analysis

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Situation Analysis:

Client Analysis
Curves International is a world-renowned women’s only fitness center, a pioneer in the “express workouts”. Curves target client base consists of all types of women; from the busy executive to the ultra busy soccer mom, and most importantly, Curves caters to women who overall want to be healthy. Curves makes exercise fun and beneficial for women regardless of fitness goals.

Curves clients perceive it more than a “gym”, but as a support group and a social outing for some. It’s a place that for an hour a woman can feel good about herself and the goal she’s working towards. Customers like the “no frill”, “no hassle” workouts. It’s a place where women could feel comfortable. Curves offers a haven where women can feel comfortable to let their guard down and have a good sweat.

Women are also drawn to Curves because Curves has strong brand equity. Their quality of service, revolutionary design to the “express workout” is number one in the women’s fitness industry. In today’s day and age, there are more women in the workforce, along with more working mothers, all which lead to a fast paced life style trying to juggle career, family, and home, which represent a very similar lifestyle for women in National City.

The market for women’s fitness services and products has never been greater and continues to grow. Women represent 50.8% of the US population. National City has a population of 56,472, with 50% of the population being female. Of the 28,158 female population in 60% are between the ages of 18 to 65 years old (SANDAG July 2004), Curves target market.

Basis for Curves National City segmentation
1.     Geographic
2.     Gender
3.     Lifestyle

Curves is ideally located in a high traffic area of National...

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