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Cushing Syndrome Essay

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Cushing syndrome may affect anyone at any age. It develops when the body either produces too much of a certain hormone called cortisol or the patient might be receiving too much cortisol through corticosteroid hormone therapy. When a person receives too much cortisol, it’s diagnosed as hypercortisolism. This can lead to an interference in the production of other hormones from the other glands, not just the adrenal glands. If left untreated, Cushing syndrome may lead to Cushing’s disease. Many patients develop “moon face” or a “hump back”, along with many other symptoms, if this disease is left untreated for too long.
Cushing syndrome was named after Harvey Cushing in 1912. “Harvey Cushing first described the symptom complex of obesity, diabetes, hirsutism, and adrenal hyperplasia. He gave a vivid description of his first patient who was 23 years old and presented with the “most extraordinary appearance”” (“Osler’s phenomenon”: misdiagnosing Cushing’s syndrome; Postgraduate Medical Journal; October 2003). Although, Sir William Osier was the first to describe the symptoms of Cushing’s, but diagnosed his patient with myxoedema by mistake. Unfortunately many people were misdiagnosed, therefore, leading to mortality. In 1933, Cushing performed his first neurosurgery on his patient, which did not gain acceptance until much later. “Adrenal surgery was for many years the treatment of hypercorticism but prior to the availability of glucocorticosteroids substitution an extremely perilous undertaking” (Cushing’s syndrome: Historical Aspects, Lindholm J., October 2000).

Signs and symptoms of Cushing’s include: weight gain and fatty deposits; stretch marks on the thighs, abdomen, breasts, and arms; thin, fragile skin that bruises easily; slow healing cuts or infections. Men may also discover decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. Women may find they have irregular/absent menstrual period and thicker/more visible facial and body hair. Fatigue, muscle weakness, bone loss, depression/anxiety/irritability, new/worsened high blood pressure, loss of emotional control, headache, glucose intolerance or possible diabetes are other symptoms that may be experienced. Cushing syndrome is not normally fatal since the symptoms are usually pretty noticeable and patients see a doctor right away. This may be developed at any age and does not seem to...

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