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Custodi Imaginatio: The Effect Of Fantasy Fiction

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Our future here on this Earth is a bleak one. Our society is on a dangerous slope of
promoting vanity at a rate that is ever more increasing, and thus resulting in stunted mental capacities.
We are teaching the youth of today to disregard literature as a whole while we shove products and
electronics down their throats. With the fast paced changes of social media, there comes a decrease in
attention, which is crucial to critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and the time it takes to process
information. “The Pew online survey, which polled 2,462 middle and high school teachers, 87% report
that these technologies are creating "an easily distracted generation with short attention spans," ...view middle of the document...

He tells us that fantasy: Improves social perception and emotional intelligence, increases

empathy, and makes one more comfortable with ambiguity. Further explaining his academic opinion he stated that, “On average, people who read literary fiction scored better on the tests than those who read popular fiction, non-fiction, or didn’t read. This is the first study that suggests that reading literary fiction has immediate effects in terms of influencing how well we can understand our peers.” and also pointed out that “New York University psychologist Raymond Mar in 2009 and 2010, targeting both adults and children, have produced the same conclusion”. Bates, J. (n.d.) I put into the title the words Custodi Imaginatio which is Latin for Preserve Imagination and will serve as the most influential premise to this argument since this will be my initial incentive of bringing to light the utmost importance of Fantasy literature because it offers a multitude of mentally beneficial components to our psyche. There is an infinite list of genres and sub genres of literature but I will present- Fiction, which includes fairytales, fantasies, science fiction, fables, horror, humor and so on and so forth is generally described as being the creative and unrestrained imagination of the writing world.

The stimuli of the Empathetic portion of the brain, otherwise known as the Anterior Insular Cortex, has profound effects that help our ability to recognize emotions and to better understand the emotions of others. It is considered most fundamental and plays a vital role in social awareness and happiness of the individual. How does this tie in with Fantasy Fiction? In an article posted by Scientific America the writer explains that, “Literary fiction, by contrast, focuses more on the psychology of characters and their relationships. “Often those characters’ minds are depicted vaguely, without many details, and we’re forced to fill in the gaps to understand their intentions and motivations,” Kidd says. This genre prompts the reader to imagine the characters’ introspective dialogues.


This psychological awareness carries over into the real world” Chieat, J. (2013, October 4). Further research conducted by David Kidd PhD involved three groups to read literary fiction, non-fiction, and popular fiction. Those who were...

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