Consumer Behaviour: Pre Purchase Evaluation For The Right Backpack

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As a teenager, my enduring involvement with regards to being fashionable, my internal search gathered me much information stored within my memory. Correspondingly, my external search was quite extensive. First, I knew I wanted a backpack but was not aware what was there available. This led me to online searching (Lewis & Lewis 1997), I would be described as an undirected information seeker. I was just seeking information in terms of what options there were, what the blogger’s favourites are and what editor’s favourite picks were. Due to my passion for fashion, my pre-purchase search was unlimited as I enjoyed snooping on the net for information.
Furthermore, it could be argued I am an entertainment seeker (Lewis & Lewis 1997) for example, shopping in Bullring allowed be to enjoy the sensory elements by using my five senses. Thus, stores encouraged me to look around considering for what is currently available. However, I was constrained in terms of monetary value and time as I am a student which was a key factor in my search. Hence, it stresses the importance to satisfy my needs and wants.

My pre-purchase evaluation of alternatives to the product led me to consider the perceived risk. The aim of my purchase of a backpack was to allow my friends to envy me, therefore it was important to find a brand I could boast thus reducing social and performance risk. Which led me to consider all types of brands including: Asos, River Island, Eastpak, Lazy Oaf, New Look and the Ragged Priest. Therefore, it was important to purchase a backpack from a reputable brand. Scheibehenne and Greifeneder (2010) argues that consumers disregard a purchase if they have more than 6 alternatives. This suggests the importance of how many options should be presented to a consumer.

Being exposed to many potentials is what marketers try to achieve. This is where the marketing message is being received in the right place, for the right target market. Uses of direct marketing, for example RI and Asos allows consumers to be up-to-date on new collections and information by signing up to newsletters or to receive updates on the organisation. Both firms appealed to me through...

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