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Having taken all of this into consideration, I knew I wanted to purchase a backpack which is limited edition designed by the one and only Rihanna. This leads me to the next stage of the CDP model to purchase.

Due to making an important buying decision, rather than ordering online which may result to dissatisfaction if the product does not seem like what it is whilst viewing images, I moved away from Asos (online) to purchase the product in-store. Nowlis and McCabe (2001) argued, ‘consumers prefer to experience personally what they call “material properties” rather than have them verbally described’. I feel as though, with many disappointments from Asos where I have numerously returned many items back, avoiding this I decided to go in-store would be a better alternative for me. But, it does not mean online shopping is not popular.

As a current Facebook user, RI posted videos and pictures of Rihanna wearing her collection, plus other celebrities who worn her clothing to penetrate sales. From this use of direct marketing, I responded positively. As a consequence, it encouraged me to purchase the items. Till, B. and Busler, M. (1998) identified ‘conditioning using celebrities can produce strong and enduring attitudes to brands’. This suggests using celebrity endorsement is a great way to market your products, but it should be noted that the credibility of the celebrity should be considered. If however, media news stated X celebrity was involved in a scandal it could damage the brand. This supports the idea that this type of advertising was appealing to my symbolic needs. Rihanna’s collection could potentially fulfil my desire for self enhancement, group membership affiliation with others and some sense of belongingness as she also worn the clothes herself. Thus, it felt as though I was belonging to some sort of fashionable group.

While making this purchase, I went through what is called a mixed mode buying. I viewed the item on RI’s website which is an online browse and purchased the item in-store which is an offline...

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