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Customer Service Essay

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Customer Service

Many business organisations have different definitions of customer
service. For example, according to the Chartered Institute of
Marketing, “Customer Service is what your business delivers to achieve
customer satisfaction”. Another example is, according to the ACA
Group, “Customer service is the ability of an organisation to
constantly and consistently give the customer what they want and

All business organisations need to make certain that their customers
are satisfied with the service they receive because; customers are the
most important part of any successful organisations. Businesses such
as, Barclays aim to exceed customer expectation in order to ensure
that customers enjoy themselves, leave having enjoyed themselves and
return in the coming future.

Good customer service makes customers satisfied by fulfilling their
needs first. Good customer service requires all staff to place
themselves in the position of their customers. All staff should be
aware of how they would like to be treated if, they were a customer,
and deal their customers, for that reason. All business organisations
should complete the A.R.T. of great service, to carry out a good
customer service:

Approachable- An organisation must create an open and friendly
environment that will influence customers to come in with self-assurance
so that, their matter can be dealt with.

R esponsive- All staff should take responsibility of their action.
Customer service should be flexible and provide precise and honest
information, at all times.

Timely- All customer services provide their services accurately and
efficiently to new and existing customers, at all times.

The following are the main activities of customer service:

Ø Providing information

Ø Giving advice

Ø Providing assistance

Ø Providing credit facilities

Ø After-sales service

Providing Information

The type of information will depend on the product or service. Here
are some examples, is the wool jumper flammable; how much is that
laptop; when can you deliver the double-sized bed, what after-sales
facilities do you provide? Getting the correct answers to these
questions depends on the product and service knowledge of the sales
staff, i.e. how well they have been trained.

Giving Advice

Advice is more accurate than information because, it involves more
detail, greater specialist knowledge and modified to the needs of the
person making the request. Some types of advice are more important than
the others. For example, advice on legal, safety, financial or medical
issues must be precise.

Customers ask staff for advice, to ensure they enjoy activities in
safety and to the top. For example, a customer may ask:

Ø the bank manager advice on loans

Ø the waiter what’s good on a menu

Ø the customer service advice on consumer protection

All business organisations need to make certain their staff:

Ø know enough about the area they work in to give good advice

Ø are trained how to give it clearly...

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