Customer Centric Innovation: Healthcare Essay

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History of Customer-Centric Innovation
CCI for many companies is an adaption of their current innovation strategy to increase the involvement of the consumer. This adaptability allows CCI to be used in many different industries. One organization that uses CCI is Proctor and Gamble (P&G) (Crosby & Johnson, 2006). P&G has avenues for the consumer to utilize which allows the consumer the opportunity to create and contribute to the organizations innovation strategy. This strategy has worked for P&G as they were named in the top 10 of innovative organizations in 2014 (Procter & Gamble, 2014). This has proven that CCI can be a very influential and successful innovation process. If the consumer is ...view middle of the document...

For the healthcare field this is very important as the healthcare systems cost are skyrocketing, and need to be fixed. If they are able to tap into the consumers they can help reduce costs by knowing what the consumers need, and how they expect to receive them. They can create a more efficient healthcare system reducing overall cost and creating a healthier industry that is more sustainable.
Conception of Customer-Centric Innovation
For Deloitte the concept of customer-centric innovation was developed to fit the current economy (Conroy, Ash, & Kutyla, 2009). The economy has created a need to cut back funding of research and development (R&D) departments. With the financial cutbacks, and the reassignment of R&D employees it was determined that a customer-centric innovation process would allow innovation on a stricter budget. It is the successful companies that will be able to leverage consumer insights to create nationally known brands that are worth their price (Conroy, Ash, & Kutyla, 2009). CCI is the key to this success. An organization can capture the consumer’s imagination to provide experiences and present solutions to their previously unmet needs (Conroy, Ash, & Kutyla, 2009). This is only one organizations use of customer-centric innovation, this is not a new concept, but due to the current challenging economy it has become a viable option for many organizations that have had to cut back on funds for the innovation process.
This has been the case for many organizations. For Alcan, a pharmaceutical company, they have adapted their value innovation process to become more consumer-centric (Goodrich & Aiman-Smith, 2007). They have created this change to create better products for their consumers. They believed that the consumers will have ideas that will help the organization become more innovative with their products (Goodrich & Aiman-Smith, 2007). This strategy helps to understand what the primary need is and that it is the customer...

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