Customer Loyalty And Customer Satisfaction In A Hotel

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Customer satisfaction index

1. Safety: Personal safety, Protection safety and Storage safety

2. Convenient: Help unload luggage, Quick checkout, Alternative way of consumption and appropriate reimbursement bills

3. Private: Quiet rest environment, Secret receive a visitor and Hidden gifts distribution method

4. Respect: Initiative to say hello, Call the office and Help them call a car, etc.

Customer loyalty:

Customer loyalty related to the degree of customer satisfaction, it is a quantitative concept. Customer loyalty is due to the quality, price, service, and many other factors, make the customers of a enterprise products or services produced feeling, to form a preference for and the ...view middle of the document...

Based on this, the hotel managers tend to spend more effort on existing customers, more than the market potential of loyal customers. We believe that potential customers are a new force to promote the development of the hotel, loyalty to their inspiration and awaken is one of the important means to ensure sustainable development. Life cycle theory suggests that anything that is not one of the means. Life cycle theory suggests that anything that is not eternal, the hotel's loyal customers have life recession, the cultivation of the new forces become inevitable

On consumer decision-making to the management of customer loyalty is the main means to promise hotel loyalty to its service, hotel when the attitude to the loyalty of customers and look forward to return the loyalty. The ideas of loyalty throughout the hotel provide all marketing attraction and attract customers. In the media advertising, for example, on the hotel's high quality service, outstanding hotel honest business attitude, etc.

Second: in the early stage of trading, to achieve customer satisfaction

The premise condition that to cultivate customer loyalty is to keep the customer, the best way to keep the customer is highly satisfied with the customers.

The cause of customer satisfaction is the customer perception of value more than the original expectations from the hotel. Customer value is perceived from a hotel products, services, personnel and image values the sum of all the cost money, time, energy, and energy costs of combined with the poor.

When the guests' perceptive value exceeds its perceived cost, customers will be highly satisfied. We need enhance customer satisfaction from customer perceived value and reduce customer costs. Concrete countermeasures are as follows: improving the quality of service, according to the customers "demand" pricing, provide convenient purchase, such as providing online trading, convenient traffic, etc.; Make hotel brand, reduce the cost of customer perceived risk, etc.

On consumer decision-making to the management of customer loyalty is to their influence and awaken from the concept, whether can have a real loyalty rewards for still depends on the success to get this part of the customer's trading experience for the first time, hotel products and services,. In addition, the first impression of theory also suggests that trading for the first time the customer loyalty management in hotel customer life cycle of decisive significance. Trading for the first time at the hotel should be based on customer value, customer loyalty management in pursuit of customer loyalty as the goal, to provide customers with quality service, for customers to go back to lay a solid foundation.

Three: trading period, cultivate customer loyalty

Customers of the second time coming is the hotel key period of stable consumer habits, it is also an excellent time to cultivate customer loyalty. In today's products and services highly homogenized, relationship...

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