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Consumer Attitude Towards The Services Of Gulf Air Airline Of Qatar

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Gulf Air, Road to ExcellenceTo better understand the attitudes of travelers towards the overall services of Gulf Air in Qatar, we conducted a survey on October 1995, to discover attitudes of travelers and accordingly organize general findings. We wrote a questionnaire to assist us in the design of the promotional strategy which would induce change and create new and improved image of Gulf Air. (questionnaire Exhibit 1)Scope and limitations:The Questionnaire included 28 questions and it incorporated many question forms to avoid bias in answers and to ensure complete coverage of related services to customers. We used Yes/No questions, multiple choice, and open ended questions. Questionnaire was split between traveling related questions and gender questions.Because of time constraint and the lack of manpower, the survey used only a total of 33 respondents. Also questions were not pre-tested for overall cohesion and error-free biases design. We selected respondents from different backgrounds and nationalities to cover a more large sample.The findings of the survey may contains mistakes, unqualified answers due to the fact that many respondents were not trained well to participate in a survey before. Although there were diverse answers to the questionnaire, most respondents provided input with ease and truthfulness.Questionnaire FindingsQuestion 2) 49% of respondents traveled once a year, and 24% traveled twice, and 24% travel three times a year.Question 3) All respondents use the airplane as their main mode of transportationQuestion 4) The following destinations were most traveled by respondents:Jordan, USA, Europe, India, Philippines, UAE, Sudan, Egypt,Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia.Question 5) 75% of respondents have an average trip between two weeks, and Two months.Question 6) All respondents uses Gulf Air when traveling in the Gulf.Question 7) When asked about the airline that travel 4 times daily to Dubai,43% thought Gulf Air45% no airline does9% thought EmiratesQuestion 8) When asked about the airline that travel 3 times weekly to London,43% thought Gulf Air33% no airline does12% thought British AirwaysQuestion 9) Although the Question did not mention Gulf Air, most respondent's answers were towards their last trip on Gulf Air,70% were overall satisfied30% were not satisfiedQuestion 10) 70% of respondents were pleasure travelers, 30% are business travelers. (Exhibit 2)Question 11) 70% of respondents accompany their family (Husband/son/daughter/or parent) when traveling. 70% of business class respondents usually travel with their families or friends, only 30% travel alone.Question 12 We find all 33% respondents have traveled on Gulf Air at least once and most of them fly it regularly when traveling in the Gulf.Question 13) More than 51% of respondents traveled on Gulf Air three or more times in the past two years, and 80% of them are business class travelers.Question 14) About 90% of respondents still use Gulf Air as their main air...

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